Merry Christmas!

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Pisol P.

Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a great time.

Today is my favorite Christmas. Firstly my host father brought me to Polo and he said “Pick what you want and don’t mind the price.” However I did mind the price because I didn’t want to waste his money in my desire. Luckily I found a very nice shirt with a very nice price.

Then I met 2 Turkmenistan brothers who were hosted by my host father 8 and 9 years ago respectively. They are now studying in Jacksonville State University under the scholarships, they are pretty cool. Then we went to have lunch, actually around 1.30pm, with his old neighbor near his old house. I really had great time there, the family was so friendly, so nice, and so sweet. They cooked many delicious food; mac and cheese, roasted beef, potatoes, turkey, etc. You probably don’t believe me but their home-cooked bread is the best, the bread was perfectly cooked—crispy outside and soft inside—I literally ate 5 of them. When we got home i gave my host dad a Santa cup, a 3d Christmas card, and a little gift for veteran. To be honest, I love Christmas in the U.S.

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