Life In The Castle

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Victoria N.

Victoria N.

​ ​The castle is alive! I wander down the halls and find roommates singing, drawing and laughing.The pianists show off their skills and the beautiful sound echoes throughout the castle grounds. Groups congregate in rooms to discuss politics, study German, or simply enjoy a sweet serenade featuring talented singers or Ukulele. There is a certain joy that comes from the sharing and enjoyment of talents. Inspiration is contagious in this castle!

Living in the castle has allowed me to separate myself from draining distractions, and grow as an individual. We have classes during the week, and the students have a voice. We share ideas with our teachers and teamers to make the most out of each class and group activity. We collaborate and compromise so that we are able to learn, discuss and study in an environment that values our creativity. Outside of “Unterricht” (class) we spend time reflecting and adventuring. One day when my class took a break from grammar, my class took a trip to town where we interviewed the locals on topics that interested us. We walked around the market and had discussions about East and West Germany, and the inconspicuous beauty of German small towns (Dorfs) with the locals here in Bad Laasphe. That is what I call interactive learning.  When class ends, I often find myself in deep introspection. I write and photograph more in hopes of capturing and remembering every moment.


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