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Pawarathe B.

Pawarathe B.

It's been a while since my last blog, here to update some things up!

Today's topic is : Activities you could do in your community or school.

There are soooo many things you could do here during your 10 months / 5months period. So many, that you will need a proper time management to keep them all balanced!

2 of the important things are

1)Family - Family alway comes first. You must make sure that you spend most of your time as an exchange student with your lovely host family. Certain things are to be done, such as being in the living room, spending time with them as often as you could. You might not like this, but it will greatly benefit you, in both your relationship with the family and your language skills! You might not feel real comfortable in the first months, but I can assure you it will reward you greatly!

2)School and friends - The two here are very important, almost as much as the family. With great friends, your school will be much more enjoyable. You must also balance the two, that you won't be hanging around with the "bad" kiddos, but the good ones to help you achieve your goals. Schoolwork is also very important; if your grades are too low, you might have problems with your host family and might ruin your relationship with them.

What about other things?  I can give you a few ideas!

> Church! Though CIEE does not require you to attend services with your host parents, churches are one of those places where you could find friends around your age, who might share some interests with you, and further help you bond with them! With more friends, that means you have more connections and will be able to hang with more people.  Learning about a new religion is also very fun. You get to see other people's perception of the earth - humanity and how it came to be, and it is very interesting to me, and I do believe it will interest you too!

>Sports/athletics! if you want to participate in any of the sports, you can do so! Most of the sports the US offers, are put into seasons. in which you can do more research on sports (it depends on which state, where it's located, etc). All you have to do is head to the office and enquire them about the programs! Sports will help you bond with your new American friends really quickly. Ss you release some chemicals in your brain that helps you relax and make friends! Though you have to keep in mind that, it may cost money. Check with your school's office, go right ahead and sign up!

>Clubs. clubs are also great, they help you tons with making friends. I myself have never been in one in the during the time I spent as an exchange student. However, I take pictures for sports team, and send it to the journalism club. Photography can be really fun, you get to make more friends as they notice you out in the fields doing photography, help your journalism teacher get pictures for the yearbook, and it can even get you free tickets into sports games!

To conclude it, spend time with your family, friends, and focus on schools. Make as many friends as you possibly could and enjoy your stay in the US!


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