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Qingyang L.


Hi everyone!

self-introduction time

I'm Qingyang Li, and I go by Cherry (which is much easier to pronounce ~ sigh......).

I'm a Chinese girl and I lived in Beijing which is the capital city of China. I'm sure that most of you have heard about it before! I have an large appetite for reading. Fyodor Dostoevsky, García Márquez, Stendhal and Alexei Nikolayevich Tolstoy are always my favorite authors. I love sunshine, Science, music and dancing. I'm also a big fan of Taylor Swift! Additionally, you need to know that I also love food and learning...and my country!

I'm here for challenges!

I really love my hometown,but I arrived here for challenging. Living in a totally new place especially a new country is not only a trip for seeing something new, but also a magnificant adventure for experiencing difficulties and differences. I made lots of friends in the orientation (they are from Germany, Italy, Korea and Thailand...and I love them). I also learnt to use Instgram for the first time, because I found everyone around the world is using it...except me! 

Though, at the same time, I have already seen how hard it could be to communicate with the second language (not only for speaking, but for communication!), and how hard it could be for learning USA History!! 

But I've already been here now ready for experiencing, for living, for learning, for communicating, for cultural exchanging......and for overcoming all the difficulties! I will show all my courage and enthusiasms, and I'll remember this five months experience forever!



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