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Dausny C.

Dausny C.

Hola! Hello! Hallo! My name is Dausny, and I will be one of the official 2018-2019 CIEE-CBYX bloggers! I cannot wait to share my insight and experience with you all! I cannot believe that in two months that I will be leaving Woodbridge for an entire year. Woodbridge is in Northern Virginia (or known as NOVA to teens.)

Northern Virginia is diverse, because of the hugely diverse population. You can find food from all over the world from Latin America to Europe to Africa to the Middle East to Asia. When the weather is not changing every five seconds, from sunshine to cloudy to rain back to sunny, many people go to the famous Tyson Mall or Potomac Mills for some serious shopping. We also have an outdoor mall -  Stonebridge, located in Woodbridge, in which various stores, such as Nike, Forever 21, and Duck donuts (100/10 quality donuts) are set up as boutiques.

Stonebridge Picture:Keily, Carole. “Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center Going Beyond Shopping.” Prince William Living, Prince William Living, 30 May 2017, princewilliamliving.com/2017/05/stonebridge-at-potomac-town-center-going-beyond-shopping/.
“Duck Donuts to Open Fairfax and Arlington Locations.” ARLnow.com - Arlington, Va. Local News, 21 May 2015, www.arlnow.com/2015/05/21/duck-donuts-to-open-locations-in-fairfax-arlington/.

During the spring, the Cherry Blossom festival is celebrated all throughout Washington D.C! There are Japanese concerts from singing to dancing to drumming. In the summer, many families camp or have barbeques in various nature parks in NOVA. Such as Old Mills Park, Sandy Run Regional Park, and Lake Anna are known for their enchanting beauty.

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"Old Mill Park.” Fredericksburg, VA - Official Website - Rappahannock River, www.fredericksburgva.gov/Facilities/Facility/Details/Old-Mill-Park-12.

Although there are countless sights or places to see and visit, the ongoing construction works and traffic can make it difficult to have an “a headache free” trip.

Although I will miss NOVA, I am excited to start my journey in Germany! I have always been interested in learning about German culture even at a young age. Perhaps it’s how drastically different German culture is from Latin culture. For example, if you tell a German and a Latinx to be at a party at 9. The German will probably arrive at 8.50; the Latinx will probably arrive at 11 pm. Germans understand the importance of being on-time whereas Latinx sees time as theoretical.   I am also interested how German schools help special needs students. As well, Germans thoughts on mental health. I am also intrigued by how Germans view/talk about the LGBTQ+ community. I also cannot wait to establish friendships that will last forever.

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Until then,
Dausny Cruz

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