Herbst Ferien Part I

Authored By:

Mary P.

My two-week fall break is coming quickly to an end, and I must say that I’m sad to see it go. Crazy enough, I spent the first week of my break in Northern Denmark in an unbelievably beautiful beach house that was only a one minute walk from the water. Even though it was freezing cold the entire week and extremely windy, I managed to make some amazing memories.  

I shared the house with nine other wonderful people – my own host family along with the neighboring family who lives across the street from us. Each day was filled with a new adventure or day trip that took us to towering dunes, lighthouses, and Danish villages. When we were at the house we filled our time by using the billiards room, hot tub and sauna. I took many starlit and sunrise beach walks that allowed me to clear my head from my new busy German life. I even ended up swimming twice in the icy North Sea!  

During the last few days of our stay I taught American line dances to my neighbor/friend, met a kind Canadian while taking a walk on the beach, and made my own candles at a candle shop.  

It was such a nice week for bonding with my host family and neighbors (and neighbor’s dog of course). They are such kind people who allowed me to feel like part of the family which I am so thankful for. I was sad to have to leave Denmark at the end of the week, but I have a large collection of sea glass, sea shells and souvenirs. I’m so glad that I was able to go on this trip and so grateful to my host family for making it possible. 

If you ever travel to Denmark I enthusiastically suggest that you try all the different types of bread, coffee, cake, and ice cream; or at least as many as you can. I also suggest that you try swimming in the North Sea, no matter how cold it is, to create an unforgettable memory.  

See you very soon,  

Mary P.