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Sarah J.

Sarah J.

Liebe Readers,

Hello for the last time! This will be my last blog entry for CBYX now that I’m back in the US. All CBYXers arrived home on Monday and spent the next two days completing our reentry seminar in Washington, DC.  I had a great time although it was sad to say goodbye to all the wonderful people I had met this year. Luckily a few of us plan to meet up this summer. 

I am not home in Colorado yet as I planned an excursion to Boston to visit some friends, however, I will be on Monday. I am so excited to see my dogs, family, and friends (in that order)! 

It has been strange but lovely to be back in the US. It’s immediately apparent how much easier it is to communicate with people or solve problems when the German language barrier isn’t there. Of course, I solved many issues myself in Germany but it’s nice to be back on ‘easy mode’. I feel so much more self-confident now. I know that if I could thrive in Germany, I can do more than thrive in the US. 

As for my future plans, I will be moving back to Germany at the end of this summer. I will be an Au Pair for the next 6-10 months while trying my hand at getting accepted into a German university. As you all know I wrote a blog post on applying to American universities from abroad and while that does come from first-hand experience, I ultimately decided that attending an American university isn’t the right path for me. I love the way of life in Germany and I want to continue to foster my German skills (I can already feel them fading in the US!). Not to mention the tuition prices in Germany are a major draw. I’ve wanted to study in Germany since I was a young high school freshman. I lost hope of my dream for a while but now I know if I don't try, I will regret it. 

I’ll be living near Frankfurt from September 2022 and I’d be happy to meet up with or chat with any upcoming CBYXers. My Instagram is @s.ara.hj

Please feel free to reach out!

I wish you all the best of luck, future CBYXers, it’s the journey of a lifetime!

Auf Wiedersehen, 


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