German Language Preparation: Apps, Movies, and Memes.

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Dausny C.

Dausny C.

One of the few things that I am doing to prepare for my year in Germany is practicing my German language skills! I want this year to go as smoothly as possible so that I can communicate with my community easier!  I have used a various amount of apps, t.v shows, music, and other platforms to help me to prepare for this journey, so I compiled a list of my favorite learning tools! So the following apps I’ve used are: Duolingo, Memrise, and HiNative.

To access the tips and notes, you just have to click on the light bulb! Bam! You are on the tips and notes page!

Duolingo is an amazing app, especially the computer version. For example, the computer version has tips and notes on grammar for each little lesson. In the animal lesson, the tips and notes focus on the differences between “essen” and “fressen.” The tips and notes can be used to clear up any confusing grammar points. The computer version also has a feature that enables you to read entertaining stories. One of my favorite stories is how a pet sitter almost burned the owner’s house down.  However, the entertaining stories do not only help you to expand your vocabulary or reading skills; the stories are read to you and build listening skills and asses your comprehension skills by asking questions about the story. I would recommend using Duolingo at least 5-10 minutes every day to build vocabulary. 


When I am not using Duolingo, I am using Memrise. Memrise is a great app that builds vocabulary through repetition. Memrise has a unique feature called speed review. Speed review assesses how quick you are to recognize words and phrases. Another feature that Memrise has is “listening to natives” in which you chose the word or phrase that you think the native speaker is saying. Unfortunately, the “listening to native” is a premium feature so it would require money to pay. Nonetheless, it is a great app to use.

I have also used “HiNative.” “HiNative” works like a forum. For example, if I have a question about how to pronounce a word/phrase native-speakers can send me a recording of how to pronounce the word.  I can also record my voice and receive instant feedback from Native-German speakers. The native speaker will then rate my pronunciation skill to “native” to “I have no idea what you are saying.” This app has helped me practiced my conversational German by using a little of it every day!


Apps are great to use when learning a language. Music, shows, and movies are also great to use because of the close interaction you have with the language. My vocabulary has expanded tremendously by listening to German songs such as “Halt dich an mir fest” and “80 Millionen.”


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Watching movies such as Heidi or shows such as Dark also helps me to expand my vocabulary.  Immersing yourself in Language-apps, music, movies, and shows help you to immerse yourself in your target language. I am excited to start and share with you my experience! Welcome to my adventure! Come and join me!

Until then,

Dausny Cruz






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