First month in Deutschland

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Emily G.

Emily G.

After being in Germany for a month I can accurately describe my time in one word- fast. The past few weeks have flown by and it's hard to believe that I'm already in my host family, who by the way, are great. Language camp was better than I could have imagined. During four weeks I was able to work on my German, talk to some locals, make some of my now closest friends, eat authentic (and yummy!) German food, and live in a castle. Yes, it was amazing to get together with 49 others who share the same passion as me, but even more fascinating was seeing how each of us differentiated from one another. Everyone on this program is so uniquely talented and seeing them thrive in their interests is one thing that I will miss the most.

Sitting here, eating my third kinder egg of the day, I’ve been thinking alot about how different my life in Germany is than I expected it to be. I heard plenty of times that I should come to Germany with no expectations and although I tried my best to leave my imagination out of it, I still came to my host family with a preconceived notion on how I thought that they would be. I still went to school on my first day feeling like I knew how the whole day would pan out. I was wrong. Everything that I thought that my life would be here in Germany is completely opposite of what it actually is. I absolutely love my life here so far and although I believe that it's the hardest thing that I've ever done, I also believe that it's the best. I will be sure to keep my blog updated with posts about my Frankfurt trip, shopping in Saarbrucken, Oktoberfest, my visit to Koblenz, and Halloween coming up!

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