Fending off ones Comfort Zone

Authored By:

Lucas C.

My confidence - once a flowing river - now only trickles. I expected ripples and rapids, waning waves, and treacherous trenches.

I expected hardship.

But now, confronted with a drought, my instincts tell me to slip away - to hide in the calm tucked-away depths of my comfort zone. They tell me to stick to English, since everybody already speaks it. They tell me to stay bundled up in my bed, reading a book.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it here.

The food. The castles. The people. I love it all.

It’s just not always been sunshine and rainbows.

After a couple economics classes where I sit straight and listen intently only to understand 10% of what the teacher is saying, it gets tough to not slouch and look at the wall. It’s tough to not switch to English after a long day of only German (and some days I definitely do.)

Regardless, it’s important to keep in mind something drilled into my soul at language camp, and something that goes for life in general, not just an exchange year. 

No once-in-a-lifetime experience happens in your comfort zone. By staying home and reading a book, you can’t experience the marvelous things this world has to offer. Not paying attention in economics exempts you from that little bit of language comprehension that compounds over time into something truly significant.

Maybe these past two months have not been perfect - maybe I’ve doubted myself and done things I regret, but… that's what building something truly remarkable requires. That’s the price of the immense pride I'll feel on the plane home.

Anyway, if you’re reading this post, considering to possibly apply for the CBYX program (or any foreign exchange): do it. 

Just keep your chin up and pick yourself up when you eventually fall. Walk straight outside your comfort zone and take the future you’ll be proud of.