Europaschule Gymnasium Papenburg / Internship

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Victoria N.

Victoria N.

My experiences at German high school has been refreshing. The first day was scary of course, but the students and staff were extremely helpful. My school days are busier, but shorter than back in the U.S.. Each class is stimulating and my assignments are very interactive. We get longer breaks throughout the day, and the food selection served is very extensive. Since my school is a magnet high school and an "Europaschule", it attracts many exchange students from around the world. I have made friends from Mexico, Czech and Argentina! 

Gymnasiums prioritize the readiness of their students. Internships are a common among German high school students. My school encourages students to take a two, excused weeks off of school to do an internship. The students can apply to the comoany of their choosing and work there for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks they write a paper reflecting on what they learned during their time as an intern. I will be doing my internship at the Porsche Center Fankfurt! I appreciate my schools, and CBYX's flexibility for allowing me to partake in this wonderful opportunity, and I can't wait to work for this world class company!

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