End of the Language Camp

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Sarah L.

Sarah L.

Today marks the end and the beginning of a new adventure. 

It seems like yesterday when I boarded the plane to Germany, surrounded by 49 CBYXers and Dutch scouts. At that time, I didn't know what laid ahead, I was clueless about the future. When I landed at Frankfurt Airport, I was excited and everything seemed surreal, like a dream. I remember the long way to where our bus was, I had 2 suitcases (1 big and 1 carry-on sized luggage) on one hand and a small coffee, which I had bought as soon as we landed, on my other hand. Not only that, I had a backpack with my tennis racket sticking out and constantly slipping off from the bag. With sweat dripping down my forehead, I dragged my luggage around the airport in blazing sunlight toward the bus stop.

 But soon I realized that the struggle wasn't over yet. 

As soon as the bus landed at the Schloß, we were greeted by the long and dreadful hill upward to the entrance. After that, we had to climb up a steep spiral staircase to our room, which was on the top floor of the castle. Looking back now, I can't believe that I was able to drag my two luggage up the stairs without falling facedown.

But today, our day at the Schloß ended and rather than coming up the stairs, we did the opposite.

Looking back, lots of things have happened in the last 4 weeks at the camp. I had so many firsts: first German class, döner, Freitags in Bad Laasphe, ordering in German, and so much more. I've met so many people with the same passion and interest as me, but also those who were the complete opposite. Everyone at the camp had their unique characteristics, diverse backgrounds/history, and opinions. 

I'm going to miss the random screaming and running at night from the room beside ours, seeing the teamers before bed for room checks, weird yet catchy ritualistic song of "fee fi fo", 8:30 am announcements, AGs, and hiking up from town. In the short 4 weeks we had, I made so many treasurable memories. 

But despite the saddening good-byes and hugs we all had today. We had a new hug of welcome as well. 

We all were finally able to meet our host family face-to-face and be embraced into their families with huge smiles on our faces. 

Now, each of us has to fight our own battles. Rather than relying on each other like the last 4 weeks, now we have to rely on ourselves and our host family. 

Today is not the end because tomorrow is a new beginning, the next chapter in our adventure in Germany.



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