Easter Break

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Samantha J.

Samantha J.

My Easter break was about two weeks long, so there was plenty of time to do a lot of fun stuff. One of the first days of break, my host family and I went to a city near us called Horn-Bad Meinberg. There, we went to a huge rock structure called the Externsteine. It’s about 40-meters high and surrounded by forests, walking trails, and small lakes. We took the dogs and walked through the forest, which was so pretty. Then we went back to the huge rocks and actually went up them. They have stairs built into the rocks so you can walk all the way up to the top. I will say that it’s definitely not for people with a fear of heights…

One of the other highlights of my break was obviously Easter. On Easter day, we all went outside and found the Easter baskets the “Easter Bunny” hid for us in the backyard. I got a lot of candy, chocolate, some nail polishes, and a really nice bracelet that my host sister actually picked out for me. Later in the day, we went to a short church service and then walked to the river bank. Down by the river, was a huge Easter bonfire. The fire started at about 8:45 and burned throughout the entire night. Josie and I stayed at the bonfire until about 12 and then we walked home. It was really fun and there were food/drink stands so we wouldn’t get hungry.

A couple of days after Easter, we took a trip to Faßberg. Faßberg is a Dorf (really small town) in Lower Saxony. My host sister, Josie, was born there and it’s where my host parents lived before moving to Höxter. We stayed with one of their old neighbors/really close family friends. It’s a really cute town and the friends we were staying with had a bunch of chickens that we got to take care of and play with. The people who lived in the house next to where we were staying also had little ducklings that we were able to see. It was cool seeing where my host sister grew up when she was younger and my host family really enjoyed showing me all of their old favorite spots.

The rest of Easter break I spent hanging out with my host family and meeting up with friends. It was a really fun two weeks and the weather was amazing, which made it even better after the long, cold winter we had.

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