Discovering the Hannover Royal Gardens at Night

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Sabrina B.

Sabrina B.

Guten Morgen my loyal readers! 

Today I am reporting on an event I attended in the city of Hannover last night. The Royal Gardens at the Hannover Palace opened for a night showing of lights and classical music. While I think the photos i've added to this post do most of the talking, I would like to share a short list of some of the thoughts I had while walking through the beautiful gardens.

1. Its so peaceful. Despite a surplus of people milling around, there was an air of contentment and calm that settled comfortably on everyone and everything. It created a worry free environment that left you feeling light and blissful.

2. The smell. Wow, the sweet aroma of flowers and freshly cut grass filled your nose the second you stepped into the garden and didn't leave you until the very end. 

3. Its so majestic. Everything was grand and indulgent with gold and diamond accents in the statues and pavilions which were littered artfully throughout the gardens.

4. Everything is proprtional and straight. All of the gardens were arranged in neat rectangles which allowed for the flowers to be contained in tidy rows and gravel paths to be laid out around them in satisfyingly straight lines.

5. Love. Not only the romantic kind but families were hugging and taking pictures, smiling and content, and friends were laughing together. This was the kind of love that made you feel comfortable and at peace with yourself and your surroundings. A pleasant feeling because you weren't trying to look forward, just simply enjoying that moment and the company around you. 

I apologize for the concisity of this post but I really wanted the photographs to convey the happiness, love and delight that these gardens seemed to bring out in everyone. 

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