American High Schools vs. Spanish High Schools

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Alfonso G.

So in a previous blog I talked about the things that shocked me when I came to he U.S.

In this post I want to talk about some differences between my high school in the U.S. and my high school in Spain.

Lets talk about the students first, in my American high school there are around 200 students per grade, and it is considered a small high school.

On the other hand my high school in Spain has about 90 students per grade, and it is considered a big high school.

Another difference is the time schedule and classes, in the U.S. I have 4 classes a day that last 1h 30min, I could choose what clases to take.

In Spain I had 6 classes a day which lasted 55min. each, I also couldn't choose what classes to take, everyone studies the same classes with one or two exceptions.

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