200 days!

Authored By:

Sabrina B.

Hallo leute!

In the wake of my last blog post I thought I would follow up with a poem. Today is 200 days in Germany and it has been an incredible adventure of challenges, triumphs, highs, lows and everything in between. I wrote this poem because sometimes in the hard moments this past year I have wished that I could just fast forward and get to the good parts. But what I have learned is that the hard parts serve a purpose in showing me how to fully appreciate the good ones. Hard times build resilience so that you can get to the happy moments and be proud that you overcame obstacles and are rewarded with contentment. 


Life doesn't let you zap around, you can't choose the moments like channels on a TV.

You have to live each minute, regardless if it is easy. 

The world wasn't meant for you to decide how everything plays out, but that is ok, you will learn how to overcome doubt.

The hardships shouldn't stop you they should only push you on.

For life doesn't let you choose the channel, so you should make the most of the show you're on.

Schönes Wochenende and have a good weekend!