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Support focused on the individual

CIEE's Office Headquarters in Portland, Maine Since 1947, CIEE has been connecting students with the world. We've learned that support throughout the program is critical not only for students, but the host families, schools, and communities.

That’s why CIEE pours so much effort into providing outstanding support. We:

  • Stay in contact with students, schools, and host families throughout the program
  • Keep students’ well-being as our top priority
  • Assist students with everything from academic performance to cultural adjustment

There’s a very important person in the life of every CIEE High School Study student: the CIEE Local Coordinator (LC). These dedicated people:

  • Match students with host families who have a keen interest in sharing the American way of life
  • Provide the first line of support
  • Are present in the community and invested in the success of every CIEE student

Learn more about LCs on the CIEE High School Exchange USA website.

Learn more about our comprehensive support system on our Student Services and Support page.

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