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Volunteering is something you might not have done before. You’ll find that it feels great to help others, and it’s something you can be proud of. We make it part of the program because it helps build maturity and a spirit of service that students take home with them.

Through my project, I have grown to realize that volunteerism is not about how you can benefit from it but rather how others can benefit from your service. – Vitalis, Ghana

High School Exchange Student Program Information

Ready for a great adventure? Traveling to America to study with CIEE is an experience you’ll remember forever. Whether you live with your host family on a ranch in Colorado, a small town in the heartland of the Midwest, or the suburbs of an exciting city like Austin, Texas, you’ll experience everyday life in America.

Leaving home and coming to America for several months is a big decision, and CIEE High School Exchange USA is a smart choice. We have more than 65 years of experience, a network of over 1,000 schools, and the best, most personalized support available from any study abroad organization.

But don’t just take our word. Read on to see what CIEE participants have to say about their experience!

"Up 37,000 feet in the air, I thought of the quick hug I gave my mom. I thought of my best friends saying goodbye in tears. I missed them already. But I knew I had always looked forward to going to different places in the world, encountering different friends, and experiencing different cultures, which became my reason to make this most brave decision in my life.” – Yexinyu, China

Live Like an American Teen with:

CIEE Host Families, Ready to Welcome You with Open Arms

CIEE students live as members of their host families, joining them for meals, family outings – every part of daily life. You and your host family are encouraged to make the most of the opportunity by getting involved in the community, meeting people, and making friends.

Our Network of More Than 1,000 High Schools.

At your local school, you’ll attend classes, join clubs and sports teams, and volunteer. Every CIEE student takes English and American history classes. Beyond that, CIEE participants study the same subjects as U.S. students – math, science, art, band, literature, computers, athletics, and more. You’ll also join your classmates in after-school activities. And, just like your fellow students, you’ll have a school guidance counselor to help you explore all of your options.

  • Full immersion in American life for a semester or a full year.
  • More than 65 years of experience and the best support available behind you
  • Opportunities to share stories of life in your country

A Service Project that Links You to Your Host Community.

Get outside of the classroom to continue learning while you give back to your host community. Your CIEE Community Service Project involves a commitment of eight hours per semester, working on an approved project that you choose.

Are You Ready to Apply?

There are a few simple requirements to study in the United States with CIEE.
CIEE High School Exchange USA students must:

  • Be between 15 to 18.5 years old, and enrolled in high school in their home country
  • Have basic practical skills in both spoken and written English
  • Have completed at least three years of English instruction
  • Have not failed a year of school or an English language course in the past three years

Our participants also share a desire to reach out and explore American culture. That takes maturity, self-assurance, and motivation, and it’s what makes CIEE students special people.

See what CIEE students have to say about the American experience.

Stay connected to the global CIEE family

When you complete your CIEE program, you’ll join more than 350,000 people that make up the CIEE Alumni Network. That’s a huge group of friends and fellow participants, all ready to connect with you, to share advice, job opportunities, and more.

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