What Comes After Your First Year Abroad

All students in the CIEE First Year Abroad (FYA) program must be accepted by CIEE and Dean College to participate. But don’t worry – CIEE’s enrollment team will guide you through the application and enrollment process! Upon acceptance into Dean College, students will be enrolled in the Associate's Degree of General Studies degree program for the duration of the First Year Abroad program.

Courses offered on the First Year Abroad program are designed to be highly transferable and fulfill general education requirements while helping students gain independence and cross-cultural competencies. 

What comes after First Year Abroad? It’s up to you!


Continue your studies at Dean College 

As a fully matriculated Dean College student in good standing, you can effortlessly transition to a degree program on campus in Franklin, MA after your CIEE First Year Abroad program. If you choose this option, you will have peace of mind that the 12-13 credits you earned while abroad will seamlessly apply towards your degree. Whether you go on to work towards the Associate in General Studies degree or transition into one of the Bachelor’s degree programs, Dean offers a stress-free path to continuing your academic journey.


Transfer to a First Year Abroad College Partner 

CIEE is pleased to partner with globally-minded colleges and universities across the country to empower students to study abroad and experience the world before continuing their academic studies on-campus. College Partners have agreed to articulate the courses you took abroad to their course catalog to help you have a smoother transfer process.


Transfer to any college or university

Courses offered on the First Year Abroad program are designed to fulfill general education or common core requirements at many U.S.-based colleges and universities. 

Students looking to transfer away from Dean College following FYA should use Dean College course numbers and titles to research transfer credit equivalencies at other colleges and universities.

CIEE Course NumberCIEE Course TitleDean College Course NumberDean College Course TitleU.S. Semester Credits
(GI) AHIS 1201Art History IART 145Art History I - Prehistoric to Renaissance3
(GI) AHIS 1202Art History IIART 245Art History II - Renaissance to Postmodern3
(GI) MATH 2241Calculus I (Lab Course)MTH 241Calculus I4
(GI) MATH 2242Calculus II (Lab Course)MTH 242Calculus II4
(GI) SOCI 2201Contemporary Social IssuesSOC 110 Social Problems3
(GI) DART 1201Digital PhotographyPHOT 101Digital Photography3
(GI) SOCI 1201Diversity and Social JusticeSOC 255Social Inequality and Stratification3
(GI) ENVS 1241Environmental Science (Lab Course)PSC 182Science of the Environment: Sustaining the Planet4
(GI) FREN 1201French Language - Beginning IFREN 111French Language - Beginning I4
(GI) FREN 1202French Language - Beginning IIFREN 112French Language - Beginning II4
(GI) CHEM 1241General Chemistry I (Lab Course)CHM 151General Chemistry I4
(GI) PSYC 1201General Psychology (Lab Course)PSY 111General Psychology 3 
(GI) GERM 1201German Language - Beginning IGER 111German Language - Beginning I4
(GI) ANTH 1201Introduction to AnthropologyANT 111Introduction to Anthropology3
(GI) BIOL 1241Introduction to Biology I (Lab Course)BIO 151General Biology - The Cell4
(GI) BUSI 1201Introduction to BusinessBUS 123Foundations of Business3
(GI) COMP 1201Introduction to Composition IENG 111Composition I3
(GI) COMP 1202Introduction to Composition IIENG 112Composition II3
(GI) CMPS 1201Introduction to Computer Science ICPSC 101Computer Science I - Introduction to Programming3
(GI) VART 1201Introduction to DrawingART 230Basic Drawing3
(GI) COMM 1201Introduction to Mass CommunicationsCOM 121Introduction to Communications3
(GI) POLI 1201Introduction to Political SciencePOL 101Introduction to Political Science3
(GI) SOCI 1202Introduction to SociologySOC 113Introduction to Sociology3
(GI) MATH 1201Introductory StatisticsMTH 130Introductory Statistics3
(GI) ITAL 1201Italian Language - Beginning IITAL 111Italian Language - Beginning I4
(GI) JAPN 1201Japanese Language - Beginning IJAPN 111Japanese Language - Beginning I4
(GI) FINC 1201Personal FinanceBUS 150Personal Finance3
(GI) ECON 1201Principles of MacroeconomicsECO 111Principles of Economics - Macro3
(GI) ECON 1202Principles of MicroeconomicsECO 112Principles of Economics - Micro3
(GI) MATH 1202Quantitative ReasoningMTH 155Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning3
(GI) SPAN 1201Spanish Language - Beginning ISPAN 111Spanish Language - Beginning I4
(GI) SPAN 1202Spanish Language - Beginning IISPAN 112Spanish Language - Beginning II4
(GI) SPAN 2201Spanish Language Intermediate ISPAN 201Spanish Language - Intermediate I3
(GI) HIST 1201World History IHIS 151World History I, to 15003
(GI) HIST 1202World History IIHIS 152World History II, 1500 to Present3
RELI 2201World ReligionsPHL 215Beliefs and Behaviors - Comparing the World's Religions3

Course articulations are subject to change. Changes may be made at any time without prior notice due to curriculum changes at CIEE or the academic home institution.

First Year Abroad

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