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Introducing CIEE First Year Abroad (FYA), a new program for globally-minded, college-bound high school graduates. CIEE’s FYA students will start their college experience with us earning 12-13 college credits in one of 14 incredible locations around the world. On an FYA program, students will earn college credits through Dean College, FYA’s academic home and a top-ranked US institution. Upon their return, they can transfer to the college of their choice or continue at Dean in a bachelor’s degree program. Whatever path they follow, they will have gained the confidence and maturity that will make a real difference on campus and set them up for success!

College-level courses available in:






Arts & Humanities

Computer science

World History

And more!

On an FYA program, students will earn credit towards their degree and will experience numerous other educational benefits, including:

  • Global Perspective: Students gain a global perspective by living internationally, enhancing their academic and personal growth.
  • College Credits: Participants are enrolled college students with Dean College, earning credit towards their future college degree.
  • Diverse Destinations: Students can study abroad on their first semester or year in: Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Ireland, England, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Morocco, Australia, and Japan.
  • Personalized Support: CIEE will provide support to enroll students, prepare them to study abroad, answer questions about options after the program, and facilitate documentation about the experience to the student’s future college OR enrollment with Dean College to continue their degree.

What People are Saying

  • “This program is the perfect way to ensure our students garner the global perspective that we at Dean College find so important.”

    Dr. Scott Sibley, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Dean College

  • “Study abroad... is highly correlated with high graduation rates among under-prepared and at-risk undergraduates as well as students of color.”

    Independent Research Measuring the Impact of Study Abroad, NAFSA

  • “Study abroad fosters intercultural understanding, provides a global context, and builds enlightened nationalism. And {it} increases employability and career skills.”

    Independent Research Measuring the Impact of Study Abroad, NAFSA

What Best Describes Your Soon-To-Be-Graduate?

The Dream SchoolerThe Global StudentThe Credit Seeker
"They want to bolster their college application with experience and credits that will make them an even stronger candidate for their dream school.""They want to pursue further international education - without taking on significant debt - while they decide whether to pursue a college degree.""They want a Gap Year, but their parents want college. The compromise is for them to earn credits during a productive year run by a trustworthy organization."
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The Dream Schooler

FYA Provides:

  • Global experiential learning that colleges and universities know will improve retention rates, grade point averages, degree completions, transfer rates, and career placements
  • Affiliation with CIEE, an organization top colleges already know and trust
  • CIEE’s network of College Partner schools that are ready to review FYA alum applications upon program completion
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The Global Student

FYA Provides:

  • 14 incredible cities offered by the world’s leader in study abroad
  • Flexibility to enroll for one semester (fall or spring) or for one year in one or two locations
  • Meaningful connections with peers from diverse backgrounds and a global network
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The Credit Seeker

FYA Provides:

  • Experiential and international learning paired with a high-quality curriculum that will advance their studies
  • An incredible adventure abroad while staying on track for a 2-year or 4-year degree
  • Flexibility to choose their academic path upon program completion:
    • Continue their degree at Dean College
    • Transfer to a partner college or university
    • Apply to the dream school of their choice

Opportunities For Your Students to Continue Their Education at One of Our College Partners

We understand the importance of a smooth transition for students returning from incredible experiences abroad. CIEE's network of College Partners simplifies this process by offering several key benefits to students:

  • Seamless Credit Transfer: Our College Partner institutions are accredited U.S. universities that have already evaluated CIEE FYA coursework for potential credit transfer. This reduces uncertainty and streamlines the reintegration process.
  • Global Perspective Valued: These colleges recognize the immense value of studying abroad and the global perspective your students bring back. They actively seek diverse experiences in their classrooms.
  • Continued Support: CIEE offers extended support for returning students, both in the U.S. and abroad, ensuring a smooth transition back into academics.
  • Reduced College Application Costs: Many College Partners offer application fee waivers specifically for students returning from CIEE FYA programs.

We recognize that applying to colleges after a transformative FYA experience can be complex. CIEE and our College Partners work together to alleviate student stress by providing guidance and support.

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