Experiential Learning

You’ll engage in at least one activity per week throughout the program

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Orientation: Upon arrival, during the first two days of the program, all students will participate in an orientation to introduce them to the academic, cultural, and social aspects of their study abroad program. They will receive information on the local culture and customs, and its differences vs U.S. culture and customs, as well as practical advice on how to adjust to living in a new environment. You will also learn about academic expectations, course registration, and other aspects of academic life on the program. 

Students will have the opportunity to meet CIEE staff, who will provide guidance and support throughout their time abroad, and fellow participants to form a cohesive supportive group. 

The orientation program typically covers a range of topics, including health, safety and security, housing and accommodations, academics, local transportation, finances and program rules. To help students make the most of their time abroad, orientation also provides information on cultural events, excursions, and other activities that are offered throughout the term. 

Overall, the First Year Abroad orientation is an essential part of the study abroad experience, providing students with the tools and resources they need to thrive in a new cultural and academic environment.  

First Year Workshops:

CIEE First Year Abroad will assist students in developing self-management, interpersonal communication, and personal development skills. In our interactive First Year workshops, students learn valuable life skills while getting to know themselves and learning how to manage their emotions.  Students will get to know others, appreciate differences, and learn how to manage interpersonal conflicts. Student will also build resilience by acquiring skills that turn challenges and adversity into opportunities for personal growth. 


Give back and create a deeper connection to your location. Students will be able to volunteer at local organizations, youth centers, schools, or other local organizations.  

Career Exploration

Find inspiration about your own career possibilities and how your college major or degree track will help you get there.