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No teaching credentials or extensive international experience is necessary to apply. Whether your major was art history or zoology, a positive attitude, solid work ethic, and academic background will serve you well from the teacher’s side of the desk. Our best applicants have strong Spanish skills, but we also consider those with some exposure to the language and a drive to learn more before the program starts.

CIEE and the local government in Madrid are looking for well-rounded applicants who are independent, self-motivated, adventurous, responsible, and adapt well to new situations. Participants must be able to expect the unexpected and thrive in a changing environment.

The Teach in Spain program is more than a way to live in Spain. As an Assistant, your priorities must be your school and your teaching assignment. You must have a genuine interest in participating in life at school and understand that this experience requires a considerable amount of time in the school community.

Eligibility Requirements for the Teach in Spain Program

  • Native English language fluency
  • U.S. or Canadian citizenship
  • Under age 35
  • Upper intermediate to advanced level of Spanish skills. A minimum of four semesters/two years of university-level Spanish is required. An equivalency, such as a bilingual background or a letter of ability expressed by your most recent university Spanish professor, is also acceptable.
    • If you have limited official Spanish language experience, but are driven to teach in Spain, please formulate a plan to acquire a minimal level of proficiency before you start teaching. For many, this includes immediately enrolling in a Spanish language class at a local community college, language school, or university, as well as participating in the intensive Spanish Language Immersion Program in Seville or Madrid.
  • University-level qualification in any major
    • University graduates or upcoming spring/summer graduates with a BA/BS degree
  • A high level of commitment, responsibility, and flexibility
  • A genuine interest in both Spanish culture and teaching
  • A desire to work in Spanish public schools in order to share North American language and culture with others

Desirable Experiences

  • Teaching or volunteering experience, community involvement, experience with children (e.g. summer camp counselor) and/or similar backgrounds preferred
  • Experience studying, working, or volunteering abroad
  • A degree in English or education

Living and working in Spain is an adjustment, but it can be particularly frustrating for those accustomed to the fast-paced, consumer-oriented lifestyle in the United States. Spain is famous for a more relaxed approach to life, and the program depends on the CIEE agreement with the regional government, and many of the things regarding your placement that have to be done do not depend solely on CIEE. The government is in charge of the visa process, and residence permits operate independently. Although all consulates and regional offices are given the same rules, they interpret and enforce them differently.

Applicants must keep in mind that participation in the Teach in Spain program is equivalent to a job. It requires the maturity and professionalism of any job. The school at which you are placed is considered your employer (and therefore the party that pays your monthly stipend), and CIEE is the service provider that connects you with the school and makes it possible for you to reside legally in Spain. CIEE and the consejeria de educacion in Madrid expect participants to fulfill all Language and Culture Assistant responsibilities and represent themselves, CIEE, and your home country in a positive manner. As with all jobs, consistent tardiness, failure to show up to class, and other inappropriate conduct can serve as justification for docking your stipend and/or dismissal from the program.

Kristen's Story

Kristen's Story

When you surround yourself with great people and get involved in community activities, you quickly learn how to live the life that you want to live and you become accepted by the community...

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