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More Choice, Flexibility, and Special Savings

Make the most of your summer. CIEE summer programs offer features you won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • Guided travel to a second international city to explore even more of the world
  • New short-term options – four-week programs that fit your busy schedule
  • Prices that are more affordable than ever, with no hidden costs
  • Special 20% savings when you enroll in more than one session
  • Access to more than $500,000 in scholarships and grants

Whether you study business practices in Shanghai, psychology in Prague, or Spanish in Seville, there’s no better time to see the world, discover new cultures, and spark your academic interests.

Choose from 70 top-quality options in 30 countries. We offer four types of summer programs – Short-Term, Intensive, Internship, and Specialty – so it’s easy to match your goals with your ideal destination.


With the way CIEE’s four-week Short-Term summer sessions are spaced, you can choose to attend one or enroll in two or three consecutive sessions for a full summer of academics and cultural immersion. Enroll in additional sessions in the same city, or choose different locations. It’s up to you.

Special weekend trip included with every short-term program.. More than just extra sightseeing, Intercultural Comparative Experiences are unique three-day adventures that will expand your global perspective and sharpen your cultural awareness. Explore another international city while taking part in cultural outings, service-learning activities, and more with other CIEE students. See where students went in 2014.


Go beyond the typical. Accelerate your learning on a CIEE Intensive program. We combine the most in-depth academic study and culturally immersive experiences possible in one program, so you get the most out of your summer.

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Gain practical, hands-on training and academic credit. Spend eight weeks this summer pursuing an internship with CIEE. There’s no better way to acquire workplace skills, firsthand international knowledge, and contacts for life after graduation.

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Pursuing an unusual academic interest? Ready to learn with local students? Take part in a specialized academic and cultural experience focused on your passions during a CIEE Specialty program.

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