Covid Vaccination FAQs

Why should I get a vaccination to go abroad?

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Being fully vaccinated protects the health and safety of the local community, especially people at increased risk for severe illness or death from COVID-19. Additional benefits include:

  • ending the pandemic requires global cooperation and each individual can do their part unless a bona fide medical or religious reason prevents you from doing so;
  • it reduces the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks onsite and in your local host community which can disrupt the academic term;
  • it will allow for a “return to normal” of study abroad activities you value;
  • it allows for greater comfort of your fellow students and CIEE staff who have extended networks they wish to protect;
  • it reduces the opportunity for the virus to mutate whereby the variant might illude vaccines; and
  • it shows respect to the local community with whom you are living that you value their safety.

Will I be admitted to my host country if I do not get vaccinated?

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Each country will set its own policies for entry regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. As of today, no country requires vaccination. At a minimum, it is highly likely that unvaccinated students will enter a mandatory quarantine (likely at least 10 days) immediately. This will be at a government-designated facility or hotel. The entire cost of the liability of the student and is NOT included in the CIEE Program Fee. Additionally, it is important that the student does not miss time on program as dependable wifi cannot be guaranteed at the quarantine facility.

Which COVID-19 vaccine should I get?

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The following vaccines have shown significant scientific evidence in reducing or eliminating the risk of serious illness and death from COVID-19:

  • Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
  • Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
  • Janssen/Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

Will I have to show proof of vaccination while abroad (eg – “vaccine passports”)?

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Currently, CIEE is not aware of mandatory “vaccine passports” although several countries are discussing the possibility. There is a chance that during a student’s time abroad, non-residents and students on visas may be asked for vaccine verification. We are asking students to voluntarily disclose this information (by uploading an image of a completed vaccination card) 14 days or more before a program begins. If verification is requested while in country, student pre-disclosure will facilitate CIEE’s processing of any official need for information.

Should I bring my vaccination card abroad?

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Yes. However, student pre-disclosure to CIEE is a strong safeguard against losing it permanently. If a student opts not to share their status with CIEE, students should store digital images of their card in at least one of several secure “cloud” platforms such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Will I interact with any unvaccinated students or staff?

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It is likely that at some point during your program, you will interact with someone (students, staff, persons in the community etc.) who has not been vaccinated. CIEE is asking all students to voluntarily disclose their vaccine status for increased safety an operational flexibility on program. On short term programs, mandatory quarantine rules may make unvaccinated student participation impossible.