Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Peace of mind as you plan your study abroad adventure, should a health, safety, or security concern cause CIEE to cancel or suspend your program.

For College programs
For High School Summer programs
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For Teach Abroad programs

CIEE’s best-in-class Health, Safety, and Security team is continues to monitor the local pandemic conditions at all our sites, we are actively practicing “COVID smart” behaviors to ensure the safety of students, staff and the communities in which they operate.

CIEE has expanded the lens for assessing risk to include a multitude of inputs and indicators that better inform our senior leadership team on the relative safety of supporting students and staff in a particular region, country, and city. The CIEE Health Risk Index is one variable for assessment and is calculated using multiple metrics derived from multiple sources such as WHO, Johns Hopkins, Worldometer, Centers for Disease Control, and our own analytical tools.     

Please call 800.407.8839 anytime to speak with a CIEE representative if you have questions about a CIEE program.

College Study Abroad

  • Please review CIEE’s health and safety guidelines for students and advisors
  • Search all active College Study programs or view our term program pages for Spring, Summer, Fall and January.  for updates on specific program closures or updates
  • Check the status of study abroad for each term with your institution as policies vary

Please call 800-40-STUDY or email anytime to speak with our staff if you have questions about a CIEE program. U.S. study abroad offices can reach out to your Manager of Institutional Relations directly with any questions. We look forward to the rebirth of study abroad and appreciate your support. 

High School Study Abroad

View list of all High School Study Abroad programs for: 

Please call 866.583.0332 or email us at if you have any questions. 

Teach Abroad

CIEE Teach Abroad continues to offer programs in China, Chile, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand. In some locations there are new visa or entry requirements related to COVID-19 and CIEE supports participants with navigating these requirements. Learn more >


CIEE’s primary focus is to ensure our participants are safe, supported, and wherever possible, able to complete their exchange programs. Below please find important updates for CIEE Exchange Visitor programs. These are subject to change as we learn more as CIEE continues to assess what is best for our current and prospective exchange visitors.