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Global Sustainability + Environment
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Gain the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to develop unconventional solutions for combating climate change on a CIEE Global Sustainability and Environment program. Through hands-on activities, academic courses, and guest lectures, you’ll examine the consequences of climate change and explore the methods communities around the world are using to adapt to new challenges.

Earn academic credit and immerse yourself in a vibrant culture while being trained in the latest theories and technologies – alternative energy, urban farming, synthetic biology, reclaimed infrastructure, additive manufacturing, crowdsourcing, citizen science, and more.

Explore and Experiment

In cities known worldwide for innovation, you’ll tackle challenging coursework, examine the latest trends and theories, apply your new skills, and more – all with the goal to prepare you to become one of the next leaders in your field.

In Berlin or Cape Town you’ll participate in:

  • Core curriculum: Global Sustainability Seminar, Local Sustainability Project, and Global Sustainability Workshops.
  • Real-world projects on environmentally focused topics that will positively impact your host community.
  • Hands-on workshops for experimenting with new technologies and methods in water preservation and purification, conservation biology, waste management, and more.
  • Excursions to sustainable development projects, government agencies, and sites of environmental challenges.
  • Partnerships with local environmental engineers, researchers, ecologists, sociologists, policy-makers, and economists.

Collaborate and Connect

CIEE Global Sustainability and Environment programs are all about collaborating and making connections. Throughout the semester, you’ll share knowledge, work together on projects, and debate questions with your peers, program faculty, and top researchers. Plus, you’ll:

  • Take part in joint projects and receive feedback and viewpoints that a single local professor could not offer
  • See your work and the work of your peers published in a shared online student journal
  • Participate in a virtual CIEE Global Sustainability Summit featuring presentations from CIEE students and staff and global experts in the field