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Upcoming Schedule of ACB Evaluations

Periodic evaluations of sites and programs are essential to ensuring that CIEE maintains high standards for academic quality, service, responsibility, and efficiency.

Our current evaluation schedule is listed below. The ACB is seeking faculty team members with specific academic and regional expertise for the scheduled evaluations and those in the future. If you have faculty interested in joining a CIEE evaluation team, please contact an ACB team leader listed below, or email Woody Pelton, ACB evaluations coordinator.


Tokyo, Japan
Full Site
Ellen Salyes, Oberlin College
Mary McMahon, University of California

Ferrara, Italy
Full Site
William Anthony, Northwestern University

Santiago, Dominican Republic
Semester Programs
Ana Maria Wiseman, Wofford College

Guanajuato, Mexico
Full Site
Ronald Mendez-Clark, Fordham University

Istanbul, Turkey
Full Sites
Mary Dando, University of Colorado Boulder

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Full Site
Kathleen Fairfax, South Dakota State University

Taipei, Taiwan
Full Site
Stephen Sawyer, Bates College

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