Host a Russian Student

Bring Russian Heart To Your Home

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Hosting a Russian student gives you the opportunity to learn new customs and perspectives, allows you to share American culture. It is a gift to yourself, your family, your Russian student, and your community and can be your contribution to strengthen ties between the U.S. and Russia.

Who are our Russian Students?

Our students are part of “The Year of Exchange in America for Russians” (YEAR) Program. It awards full scholarships to outstanding Russian university students to spend one academic year at U.S. institutions of higher education.

All YEAR students are between the ages of 18 and 20. They have all completed high school, and many are current university students in Russia. The YEAR Program is highly-competitive, merit-based, and open to anyone who meets the eligibility requirements. YEAR students are selected based on academic excellence, English language proficiency, maturity, and ability to overcome the cultural challenges of living and studying in the U.S. for an academic year. They undergo a rigorous selection process that includes essay writing, interviews, and language testing.

  1. By bringing a piece of Russian heart to your community, your family gets to experience the Russian culture firsthand.
  2. Have fun! Learn new recipes, celebrate new holidays, and so much more.
  3. Add a Russian member to your family. If you have kids, they’ll get an older sibling-- a role model, mentor, and friend.
  4. Start learning Russian. Having a native speaker in your home will make it easier and more fun.
  5. Catch the travel bug! After bringing the world into your home, you may be inspired to get out and explore it yourself.
  6. Share your own culture. This is a reciprocal experience!
  7. Most important of all, create memories that span the globe and last a lifetime.

Can I become a CIEE host family?


Being a CIEE host family is about creating a home away from home. You’re part parent, part cultural ambassador, part mentor. Hosting is a chance to learn from one another. Our host families tell us over and over that their lives are just as touched and changed as those of their exchange student.

CIEE host parents are volunteers who must be at least 25 years old, and able to provide the following:

  • A welcoming home for two semesters
  • Family support
  • A bedroom and a bed (students can share rooms with children of the same gender within four years of his/her age)
  • An appropriate place to study
  • Meals at home and school
  • Assistance coordinating appropriate transportation

CIEE host family support for peace of mind

CIEE is known for the support and high level of quality in everything we do. Our Local Coordinators, also known as LCs, are your go-to resource, members of your community who are ready to ensure a positive experience. Your LC will be your principal CIEE contact while you’re hosting, and your first resource for advice, guidance, and assistance.

In case of emergency, just call our expert staff members at CIEE headquarters. They’re on call 24/7.

Please know that each student will be fully insured by comprehensive travel insurance administered by Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges, Seven Corners.

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