US J-1 Visa Services

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With AIC now part of the CIEE family, we are pleased to offer assistance to students, young professionals, and employers looking for visa services for self-sourced internships. These services are offered separate from AIC’s customized internship programs developed and delivered for our university partners.


The CIEE Internship/Professional Career Training USA program was developed for post-secondary students, recent graduates, and those with 5 or more years of relevant experience who want to explore American culture and develop a career in their field at a US organization.  This program will provide you the opportunity to boost your professional network, immerse yourself in American culture, and travel the US for up to 30 days before and after your internship or training dates.


To participate in the Internship USA program, you must:

  • Be a current post-secondary student or recent graduate up to 12 months after graduation.
  • Obtain an internship that is directly related to your field of study or the major in the degree you were awarded.
  • Have an appropriate level of English to succeed in an American internship environment.
  • Have access to a minimum of $1000 USD per month for living expenses while you are in the US. Stipends, housing allowances, transportation allowances, meals, etc., provided by your host organization, can count towards this amount.

To participate in the Professional Career Training USA program, you must:

  • Be a post-secondary graduate with at least one year of related professional experience in a field related to your planned training.
  • If you are not a post-secondary graduate, you will need at least five years of professional experience in a field related to your proposed training.
  • Obtain a training that is directly related to the major in the degree that you were awarded or if you  do not have a degree, to the 5 years of experience.
  • Have an appropriate level of English to succeed in an American Professional Career Training environment.
  • Have access to $1000 USD per month for living expenses while you are in the US.  Stipends, housing  allowances, transportation allowances, etc. provided by your host organization can count towards this

Finding Your US Internship

Before applying to the Internship USA Program you must obtain an internship directly related to your studies or degree, and for Professional Career Trainings, your degree and one year of experience or 5 years of experience if you do not have a degree.

Some useful sites for internship and training opportunities are,,,,,, and, among many others.

Also, be sure to check the websites of companies that you may want to intern or train at.  Some companies may only post on their own sites.

Another way to find an internship, or training, is directly engaging an organization that may have not posted any opportunities. This might show the organization that you are resourceful. 

Program Duration

  • Up to 12 months for Internship USA and 18 months for Professional Career Training.
  • You may enter the US up to 30 days before your internship start date and stay up to 30 days after your internship end date.

Program rules

  • Your internship, or training, must be related directly to your studies, degree, or 5 years of experience.
  • Changing an internship, while on the program, is only allowed in very select circumstances, usually revolving around business closure, downsizing of companies, etc.  
  • The following fields are prohibited under this J-1 visa: unskilled labor, direct sales, patient care, working with children, airlines, positions offered by employment agencies, camp counsellors, sports therapy / coaching, fast food restaurants, and research scholars.  If you are unsure about a certain internship or training, please contact us.
  • Your internship host organization must have Workers Compensation Insurance and must be covering you under their policy.

Next Steps

If you are student or employer who has confirmed an internship placement and would like to move forward with visa paperwork, please contact for program fees and next steps´╗┐´╗┐.