Our Team

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Kate Moore, Ed. D.
Vice President, Global Internships
Dr. Kate Moore joined EUSA (our predecessor organization) in 2005, spearheading placements and programs in North America. Prior to that...
Patrick Moran
Executive Director, Finance and Administration
Pat has worked with CIEE since 2007 and joined AIC as Executive Director, Finance & Administration in 2016...
Matt Byrnes
Director, Global Internship Conference and CIEE Conferences
Matt joined AIC in early 2011 to establish our Toronto operations and to manage the Global Internship Conference (GIC)...
Zaman Ishaad
Conference Coordinator, Global Internship Conference
Zaman has been with the AIC since 2018, coordinating his first Global Internship Conference in Detroit, Michigan...
Chris McKenzie
Director, Development
Chris joined AIC as the Development Director in 2017. A Michigan native, Chris graduated from Central Michigan University with a...
Randeep Kullar
Director, Academic Partnerships
Randeep joined the AIC team in 2018. A California native, Randeep received a B.A. in History with a minor in Education...
Sarah Bailey
Marketing Manager
Sarah joined the Academic Internship Council team at CIEE in 2018 focusing on student development and growth in Boston as the Marketing Manger...
Kristina Grimaldi
Program Administrator
Kristina comes to AIC from CIEE’s Study Abroad Registration Department. Before Joining CIEE she wore many hats working for a small non-profit offering leadership training and was previously at the University of California, Irvine as an Analyst...
Andrés Tabárez
Director, Barcelona
Andrés Tabárez is Academic Director at CIEE Barcelona. His primary role is to ensure the highest levels of academic quality and customer satisfaction in all courses designed and taught at this location.
Sandra Betoret
Internship Coordinator, Barcelona
Sandra Betoret is Barcelona’s Internship Coordinator at CIEE. She holds a BA degree in Psychology from The University of Barcelona, and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management...
Stephanie Levy
Director, Berlin
Stephanie joined AIC in 2015 and serves as the AIC Berlin Director. Originally from Tennessee, she has lived and worked...
Robby Block
Program Manager, Berlin
Robby is originally from Louisiana but has lived in Berlin, Germany for 15 years now. Robby began his professional career...
Tina Dommning
Program Coordinator, Berlin
Before Tina joined the AIC Berlin Team in January 2020, she finished her BA and MA in North American Studies at Humboldt University and Free University of Berlin with a focus on US-German cultural relations and US economics.
Cynthia Singer Riordan
Director, Boston
Cynthia joined EUSA (our predecessor organization) in 2008. She started her career working in human resources for a consulting firm...
Bailey Carlson
Program Manager, Boston
Bailey joined AIC as the Boston Program Manager after working in the travel industry and with the U.S. government. Her passion for intercultural...
Mugove Chiwashira
Director, Cape Town
Mugove manages all aspects of AIC interns placed in Cape Town. Mugove holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Cape Town, a certification in compliance management and is a Johannesburg Stock Exchange Compliance Officer...
Dr. Rasmus Wendt
Director, Copenhagen
Before Dr. Wendt joined CIEE in Copenhagen he held a managing position at the American/Danish business school, California International Business University, in San Diego...
Rebecca Chow
Director, Hong Kong
Rebecca joined AIC team in 2014. Previously she served as Assistant Lecturer for a renowned University in Hong Kong...
Claudia Mo
Assistant Manager, Hong Kong
Before joining AIC in 2018, Claudia has been working in education and professional training in management and...
Samantha Cooper
Director, London
Samantha joined AIC in 2016, having previously worked at EUSA (our predecessor organization) where she established the University Relations department...
Kate Duffy
Senior Placement Manager, London
Kate joined AIC in 2018, having previously worked at EUSA (our predecessor organization) where she had a number of roles including London Director.
Fallon Wagner
Los Angeles
Originally from Minnesota, her passion for international education started with an exchange program to France when she was in 5th...
Ro Lee
Program Manager,
Southern California
A New York native, Ro holds a J.D. from St. John’s Law School and a B.A. in Political Science from SUNY StonyBrook...
Naveen Shah
Director, Mumbai
Naveen joined AIC in 2016 to manage our internship programs in Mumbai. She is a resident of Bangalore but...
Sarika Balchandani
Program Manager, Mumbai
Sarika joined AIC in 2017 as Mumbai Program Manager. Originally from Mumbai, she has been working in the education industry for 19 years...
Julianna Manning
Director, New York City
Julianna Manning joined the AIC in 2015 as NYC Program Manager. Though originally from New York, she has also lived...
Taylor Wordsman
Program Manager, New York City
Taylor Wordsman grew up in Westchester, NY. Before starting university at SUNY Geneseo, she studied abroad in in Siena, Italy where...
Peter Mistrik
Director, Prague
Peter is the Internships program coordinator at CIEE Prague. He is responsible for the development and leadership...
Erik Perez
Director, Santiago
Erik F. Perez, Regional Director of Operations for Latin America for CIEE, is a strong believer that through education...
Natalia Castro
Internship Coordinator, Santiago
Natalia has been with CIEE/AIC since 2018 where she started as Internship Program Coordinator in Santiago Chile...
Ken Nourse
Director, San Francisco
Ken joined the AIC in October 2014 to manage our internship programs in San Francisco and the Bay Area...
Heather Mason
Program Manager, San Francisco
Since 2018 Heather has been working for the Academic Internship Council, a division of CIEE, with her office based at UC Berkeley. Starting as a Program Coordinator, she is...
Michaela Nee
Program Manager, San Francisco Bay Area
Michaela Nee joins CIEE as AIC Program Manager in San Francisco. She holds her Master of Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco and B.A. in International Studies and French from the University of Denver...
Francisco Diez
Director, Seville
Francisco Diez is the Director of CIEE Seville. He holds a B.A in English Studies from the Universidad de Alicante (Alicante, Spain), a M.A in Spanish Studies and Linguistics from Michigan State University (Lansing, MI), and...
Antonio Romero
Internship Coordinator, Seville
Antonio Romero coordinates the Business and Society program’s summer internship at CIEE Study Center in Seville. He is in charge of networking with local companies...
Dr. Steve Chao
Director, Shanghai
Steve Chao is the Director at CIEE Shanghai Global Institute, responsible for all aspects of operations, including Academic, student service, finance...
Juan Zhang
Program Manager, Shanghai
Juan Zhang is responsible for all aspects of student service, student activity administration, also covering Faculty-Led and Customized programs...
Shannah Teo
Director, Singapore
Shannah joined AIC early 2012 with a focus on program delivery and professional practice internship placements in Singapore...
Valerie Lim
Program Manager, Singapore
Valerie has worked for a MNC for three years and quickly rose to management roles. In her role as Program Manager in Singapore, Valerie is accustomed to both...
Nicole Latham
Director, Sydney
Nicole is the Director of the Global Institute, Sydney. She has held senior leadership positions in both the Health and Higher Education sectors in Australia and is particularly passionate...
Laura Harris
Director, Tokyo
Laura graduated from UPenn with a Master of Science degree in Education and hails from Nova Scotia, not too far away from our Maine office!
Guy Wulfing
Program Coordinator, Tokyo
Guy Wulfing gained an appreciation for travel and international communication while studying East Asian Language and Culture at Indiana University.
Isabella Johnson
Director, Toronto, Vancouver
Isabella has been with the AIC since 2012, first starting as an intern for the Global Internship Conference (GIC)...