Our Mission

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To provide academic institutions with internship programs that help their students achieve personal and professional growth and competitive advantage in the global workforce.

Our leadership team has been fulfilling that mission since 1984. That was the year Tony Johnson, now President of the AIC, welcomed to London the first cohort of American undergraduate students participating in the first internship program by London Placements, the organization he founded.

In 1986, London Placements began its relationship with Boston University. A short time later, Boston University began offering internships to its Madrid program participants through COSIF, an organization headed by Dr. Aden Hayes. The programs and internship placements in both London and Madrid grew to offer opportunities across all industry sectors including business, finance, communications, law, healthcare services, arts, and others.

In the early 2000s, Boston University, London Placements and COSIF came together to establish EUSA, providing internship programs to colleges and universities from across the United States. EUSA soon added other locations to its London and Madrid operations, including Dublin, Paris, and Geneva. In 2006, EUSA expanded its presence in North America, establishing internship teams in Boston, New York City, and San Francisco.

In March of 2011, to meet the growing global demand for quality internship programs, The Academic Internship Council (AIC) was launched as a spinoff of EUSA. AIC was founded as an independent, non-profit organization focused on expanding internship programs in North America and beyond, including new teams in Toronto and Singapore. AIC further expanded in 2013 to set up operations in Mumbai.

In October of 2014, AIC merged with the Council on International Educational Exchange to become the custom internship division of CIEE.

Today, AIC proudly continues an over 30-year tradition of successful internship programs in some of the world’s greatest cities.