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Live and work in Toronto, Canada

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Canada’s economic capital, Toronto is a city with an impressive list of credentials -- the largest city in Canada, the fastest growing financial center in the G7, and one of the most dynamic, yet livable, cities in North America. While offering robust opportunities for internships in English, Toronto sets itself apart from internships in the United States through its distinctively Canadian culture, politics and charm.

With more than half its residents born outside of Canada, Toronto offers world-class arts, entertainment and cuisine drawing from cultures near and far. From film festivals to museums to professional sports franchises, the city offers something for everyone.

The city’s excellent public transportation system makes navigating Toronto easy and convenient.  Toronto’s wide-ranging industry sectors and multi-cultural setting create an ideal backdrop for a valuable internship program.

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Hear from Global Interns in Toronto

What People are Saying

  • “Thinking about the work I completed and relationships I built makes me feel confident about future job opportunities and workplaces.” 

    Nancy – Enviromentum
  • “My AIC internship experience helped me grow in many ways personally and professionally. I know what it is like to live on my own and have to take responsibility for my problems. I also got the experience of working a full time job related to my major, gaining experience valuable in later job searches.” 

    William - Dubwear Clothing Company
  • “The AIC team was very helpful before and during the duration of my stay in Toronto. They were very professional and I felt that they genuinely cared about getting us internships that would really help us in our respective fields.” 

    Jefrey – Axel Guenther
  • “I've been given the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest students that I've ever encountered, Ph.D. candidates in the field of microfluidics. My own work is a mix of research and experimentation, with enough new material to constantly keep me busy and enough questions to keep me curious and passionate. The summer brings a whole host of academics from all over the world, and if you spend enough time in the halls you'll see them bustling here and there with confidant, purposeful strides. It's an amazing environment, and one where I do my best work, surrounded by professionals with practical advice to give and an incredible work ethic to emulate.”

    Zachary W. – University of Toronto

Students interning in Toronto are placed with companies ranging from innovative start-ups to global organizations representing a spectrum of industry sectors:

  • Business & Finance: Banking, Consulting, and Insurance
  • Media: Publishing, Telecommunications, Television and Film Production
  • Hospitality & Travel: Hotel Management, Airlines, and Tourist Sites
  • Communications: Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, and Event Management
  • Politics & Law: Legal Departments, Law Firms, Local Government, Think Tanks, and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Culture & Education: Art Galleries, Museums, Performance Companies, and Entertainment Venues
  • Research: University Departments, Medical Research, and Engineering.

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A Typical Toronto Internship Program

While AIC tailors internship programs to the needs of each academic partner, a typical program in Toronto includes:

Personalized Placement including pre-placement interview, student assessment, resume review; personalized matching with appropriate internship opportunity from AIC database and ongoing employer outreach; coaching and troubleshooting during the interview process.

Academic Components designed by our university partners or through online coursework.

Housing in student residences convenient to the city center and easily accessible via public transportation. Apartments are fully furnished and include kitchen facilities, access to laundry, and internet connection.

Student Orientation including a pre-departure orientation on campus and an on-site city orientation featuring a tour of Toronto’s neighborhoods, cultural institutions, tourist hotspots, affordable entertainment, and an introduction to the Toronto Transit system.

Ongoing Local Support from our Toronto Program Team, including full-time program management, coaching and troubleshooting, and 24-hour emergency support throughout the program.

Cross-cultural Support to help interns prepare for success in a multi-cultural workplace and to assist students with their transition to Toronto.

Professional Development opportunities such as a mid-term networking symposium, communities of small practice groups, and workshops or materials on topics such as interviewing skills and industry-specific networking in the Toronto area. 

Cultural Activities such as visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario, Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, and exploring the dozens of street festivals that occur year round. 

Optional Recreational Activities such as day trips to the Toronto Islands, visiting Niagara Falls, watching a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game, or taking in the view from the top of the CN Tower.

Students: Please note that internships are available only through our partner academic institutions. To find out if you can participate through one of their programs, contact us.


If you are inquiring about International Experience Canada (IEC) please visit the IEC page to learn more.