Academic Internships in Prague

Live and Work in Prague, Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic is a modern-day success story, having established itself as the most politically stable and economically prosperous of the post-Communist countries of Europe. Students in Prague will have access to a wide range of opportunities to gain hands-on work experience and build their professional network.

Prague, with a population of 1.2 million, boasts not only some of Europe’s most dazzling architecture, but also offers an extremely rich cultural life – festivals, operas, concerts and cultural programs, many of which are accessible on a student budget. Combined with vibrant bars and restaurants, a walkable and friendly urban center, English-speaking locals, and a growing and innovative start-up sector, Prague offers a compelling backdrop – and rich counterbalance – to a challenging internship experience.

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What People are Saying

  • "This is a great program! You can both have real work experience in a new country and explore new culture. The staff is caring and helpful. This internship was very enjoyable and helped me to understand more about the environment I am living in."

    Hang Viet, Prague Global Intern

Students interning in Prague are placed with companies ranging from innovative start-ups to global organizations, multinationals, and NGOs in a variety of industry sectors.

  • Communications and Marketing—advertising, design, media, and multimedia
  • Arts and Culture—film, music, television, and theater production
  • Education and Civil Society—NGOs, schools, community services
  • Journalism and Broadcasting—newspapers, magazines, literary agencies, radio
  • Research and Editing—startups, university departments, technology

Sample internship placements include: Fulbright, Czech News Agency, National Library of Technology, Prague Shakespeare Company, CEE Bankwatch and more.
Exact internship is determined through our Personalized Placement Process for each student.

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A Typical Prague Internship Program

While AIC tailors internship programs to the needs of each academic partner, a typical program in Prague includes:

Personalized Placement including pre-placement interview, student assessment, resume review; personalized matching with appropriate internship opportunity from AIC database and ongoing employer outreach; coaching and troubleshooting during the interview process.

Academic Components designed by our university partners or through online coursework.

Housing in student residences throughout Prague and accessible via public transportation. Apartments are fully furnished and include kitchen facilities, access to laundry, and internet connection. Bedrooms are typically doubles.

Student Orientation including a pre-departure orientation and an on-site city orientation, featuring a tour of Prague's neighborhoods, tips on taking advantage of the local culture and internship scene, introduction to local markets and services, and guidance on navigating the beautiful city of Prague.

Ongoing Local Support from our local, on-site Program Team, including full-time program management, coaching and troubleshooting, and 24-hour emergency support throughout the program.

Professional Development opportunities that include workshops, symposiums or materials on interviewing skills, working styles, making the most of your internship experience, and industry-specific networking in Prague.

Cultural Activities including site visits or social sector briefings with community leaders from various organizations.

Students: Please note that internships are available only through our partner academic institutions. To find out if you can participate through your university programs, contact us.