Academic Internships in Mumbai

Live and Work in Mumbai, India

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Old and new. Rich and poor. Classical and modern. The fourth largest city in the world by population and a destination for remarkably heavy urban migration, Mumbai is the commercial capital of one of the world’s fastest growing economies. The city formerly known as Bombay houses Asia’s oldest stock exchange, fosters the arts, and hosts India’s Fashion Weeks. Home to Bollywood, the glitz and glamour of Mumbai’s global film industry is reflected in gleaming skyscrapers and revered in teeming slums.

Throughout their program, interns will have an experience like no other as they encounter the industry and energy as well as the diversity and disparity of one the most fascinating cities in the world.

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What People are Saying

  • “I had an independent research project on the urban forest of Mumbai and how to expand it. I worked on my own alongside the architects in the office on this research project, which was very liberating and empowering. The placement was wonderful!”

    Claire R. - Educated Environments
  • “India is the place to come for a development internship. The sheer size and number of people creates an intense environment where every aspect of life is intertwined with the complexities of incredibly diverse tradition, religion and family.”

    Kate M. Committed Communities Development Trust
  • “AIC did a fantastic job of identifying my interests and placing me with an extraordinary organization. The orientation and all preparatory materials were very thorough and helpful in adjusting to this new professional setting as well as the greater area.”

    Michelle R. – Society for Nutrition Education and Health Action
  • “I could not recommend this program enough. Not only did it benefit my degree it allowed me to live & work in hands down the most unique and diverse country ever. You cannot put a price on the skills and experiences you will gain from your time in Mumbai. I truly forged some amazing friendships with my work colleagues and I'm counting down the days until I can go back. Fiery india will blaze in your memory long after you've left its shores.”

    Jade L. – Welfare of Stray Dogs
  • “Doing an internship in Mumbai was of great importance not only as a Community Planning student but also as a person. It was such a mindset reshaping experience that I would always go back to similar contexts and experience alternative social and urban dynamics. Mumbai has lots of challenges for planners and politicians as well as it has lots to offer as lessons.”

    Adriano F. - Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centres (SPARC)

Students interning in Mumbai are placed with employers from a variety of industries but initial opportunities have focused on the NGO sector and the field of communications:

  • Poverty Reduction  – Capacity Building, Vocational Training and Skill Development, Micro-Enterprise, Financial Access, and Slum Rehabilitation.
  • Education  – Primary and Secondary Schooling, Rural Access, Curricula Improvements, Special Needs, Teacher Development, and Technology Improvement.
  • Public Health – Disease Prevention, Medical Access, Addiction, Women’s Health, Family Planning, Medical Research, and Mental Health
  • Environment  – Urban Planning, Agriculture and Urban Farming, Waste Management, Animal Welfare, Natural Resources, and Research and Policy
  • Media and Journalism – Television, Bollywood, English Daily and Weekly Newspapers, Magazines, and Film Distributors  
  • Digital and Audio Media  ­­– Social Media, Music Production or Distribution, and Concerts 
  • Public Relations ­­– General PR, Lifestyle PR, and Event Management
  • Marketing and Advertising ­­– Traditional Marketing or Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Market Research

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A Typical Mumbai Internship Program

While AIC tailors internship programs to the needs of each academic partner, a typical program in Mumbai includes:

Personalized Placement including pre-placement interview, student assessment, resume review; personalized matching with appropriate internship opportunity from AIC database and ongoing employer outreach; coaching and troubleshooting during the interview process.

Academic Components designed by our university partners or through online coursework.

Housing in student residences convenient to the city center and easily accessible via public transportation. Apartments are fully furnished and include kitchen facilities, access to laundry, and internet connection. Bedrooms are typically doubles.

Student Orientation including a pre-departure orientation on campus and an on-site city orientation, featuring a tour of Mumbai’s neighborhoods, tips on “can’t miss” culture, introduction to local markets, and guidance on navigating Mumbai transportation networks.

Ongoing Local Support from our Mumbai Program Team, including full-time program management, coaching and troubleshooting, and 24-hour emergency support throughout the program.

Professional Development opportunities that include workshops, symposiums or materials on interviewing skills, working styles, making the most of your internship experience, and industry-specific networking in Mumbai.

Cultural Activities including site visits or social sector briefings with community leaders from organizations such as Reality Gives, Akanksha, Conservation Action Trust, Project Shakti, EKO, and FINO.

Optional Recreational Activities such as day trips to Haji Ali or Walkeshwar Dherasar, hiking in Borivali National Park, or dancing along as an extra in a Bollywood film.

Students: Please note that internships are available only through our partner academic institutions. To find out if you can participate through one of their programs, contact us.