Academic Internships in London

European History, Modern Economy

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More than 250 languages are spoken here in the capital of the United Kingdom, making London the most linguistically diverse city in the world.

A large financial industry and rapidly growing technology sector sets London apart from the rest. Some say London’s tech community is growing faster than Silicon Valley!

London is also at the cutting-edge of the arts scene and provides access to music, fashion, museums, comedy, and theatre.

Those looking for a break in the pace of London life will find an abundance of green space to be explored in and around the capital, which boasts eight Royal Parks in the heart of the city.

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Interning in London

What People are Saying

  • “I believe everyone should go abroad at some point and this is the venue in which to do so. My AIC internship experience has given me a whole different perspective to the creative field I want to work in. It opened doors and gave me skills that I didn't even know I was missing. Personally, it helped me become a more open and accepting person.”

    Ryan E. Mandinga Arts
  • “My internship had given the confidence and skills for the next stage of my life, which is entering the work force. It has given me opportunities and connections within my desired career path. It has taught me different aspects of a company and given me perspective on my professional life.”

    Carolina D., Forbidden Technologies/Forscene
  •  “I have had an amazing experience. AIC has allowed me to see the global interconnectedness of the design industry. It has allowed me to expand my opportunities abroad and see how different cultures interact.”

    Abigail M., Billings Jackson Design
  • “It has helped me gain confidence by showing me that the skills I'm learning in school are truly applicable in a professional setting. It has also helped me to ask the important questions and find things to do that are helpful when it is not good to bother supervisors. I have also helped me solidify what kinds of jobs in my field I want to pursue.”

    Aiyana S., King’s Head Theatre

Students interning in the London area are placed with companies ranging from innovative start-ups to global organizations representing a spectrum of industry sectors:

  • Business, Finance & Economics – including Investment Banking, Commercial & Retail Banking, Insurance, Venture Capital, and Retail
  • Television, Film & Journalism – Film Production, Newspapers, Magazines, Broadcast News, Web-based Publications, and Digital Design
  • Arts, Culture & Theatre – Art Galleries, Cultural Organizations, Museums, Record Companies, Arts Magazines, and Entertainment Venues
  • Healthcare, Social Issues & Education – University Departments, Research Laboratories, and Human Services
  • Communications – Advertising, Public Relations, In-House Press Offices, and Event Management.
  • Politics, Law & NGOs – Legal Departments, Law Firms, City Government, International organizations, Advocacy Groups, Think Tanks, Trade Associations, and Electoral Campaigns
  • Research – University Departments, Engineering, Hardware, Software and Internet Companies

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A Typical London Area Program

While AIC tailors internship programs to the needs of each academic partner, a typical program in London includes:

Personalized Placement including pre-placement interview, student assessment, resume review; personalized matching with appropriate internship opportunity from AIC database and ongoing employer outreach; coaching and troubleshooting during the interview process. pre-departure orientation on campus.

Academic Components designed by our university partners or through online coursework.

Housing in student residences convenient to the city center and easily accessible via public transportation. Facilities are fully furnished and include kitchen amenities, access to laundry, and internet connection. Bedrooms are typically doubles.

Student Orientation including a pre-departure orientation on campus and an on-site city orientation, featuring a tour of London's neighborhoods, tips on affordable entertainment, and an introduction to the London transit system.

Ongoing Local Support from our London Team, including full-time program management, coaching and troubleshooting, and 24-hour emergency support throughout the program.

Cross-cultural Support to help interns prepare for success in a multi-cultural workplace and to assist students with their transition to London.

Professional Development opportunities that include workshops, symposiums or materials on interviewing skills, working styles, making the most of your internship experience and beyond, and industry-specific networking in the London area. 

Cultural Activities:  In London, students might tour the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which represents the interests of thousands of companies and more than 500,000 business people; visit the British Treasury to learn how fiscal policy and macroeconomic affairs are determined; tour the Transport for London facility in St James’ Park, and speak with the executives who for keep London’s trains on time. 

Students: Please note that internships are available only through our partner academic institutions. To find out if you can participate through one of their programs, contact us.