International Experience Canada (IEC)

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AIC arranges visas for those students taking part in comprehensive programs via university partners. However, on a limited basis, we can explore extending this service to interns or employers who have self-sourced professional practical experiences.

If you are a university or an employer whose student has sourced their own internship, let’s discuss how we can help.

AIC provides services and support beyond the paperwork:

Internship Visa Services – Coordination and submission of IEC Young Professionals (Employer Specific Work Permit) or referral to SWAP/IENA Open Work Permit (Work in Canada), depending on student citizenship

Orientation Activity and Monthly Check in Meetings – Delivered in person or via Skype, AIC will provide welcome meeting including prep to make the most of experience as well as monthly check in meetings to discuss progress towards professional development goals as explore feedback from the experience
Assessment Reports – final written evaluation from employer, available to student in summary as part of AIC letter of reference (if requested by student at conclusion of placement)

If of interest, let’s discuss how we can help develop and deliver a customized program - including placement services or housing or 24/7 emergency support or academic activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should a student apply for the visa?

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The IEC Young Professionals (Employer Specific Work Permit) visa requires a finalized internship placement prior to application. The student should compile as many application documents to allow for a quick processing.  The student should plan submission to occur so receipt of the visa comes no more than two weeks prior to their anticipated arrival in Canada.