Innovative Research Universities (IRU) Scholars In Asia

Mumbai Internship Program

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The Academic Internship Council is thrilled to be a part of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) Scholars in Asia, a set of projects that support Australian student mobility, engaging in leadership and work experience programs in Asian countries.

IRU is a network of six comprehensive universities conducting research of national and international standing. 

The IRU network reaches the length and breadth of Australia. Member institutions are Charles Darwin University, Flinders University, Griffith University, James Cook University, La Trobe University, and Murdoch University.

Mumbai is India's most populous city and commercial capital that is also a hub for media, Bollywood, arts, international trade, the development sector, and government...all wrapped in a colorful, tropical, spicy, and bustling package!

When is the IRU Scholars in Asia Mumbai Internship Program?

The comprehensive academic internship program takes place from Sunday 14 January through Saturday 24 February 2018

You will gain global work experience that relates to your studies and future career through equal parts custom fit internship and cultural immersion in Mumbai. The comprehensive program includes the following:

  • Individual career assessment meetings via Skype and pre-departure orientation webinar
  • Placement in a full-time (Monday-Friday) professional practice internship via personalized process, and follow-up including any required trouble-shooting, and coordination with the internship supervisor
  • On-site orientation to city, internship, local culture, and global internship cohort
  • Mid-term review and final evaluation
  • Workshop or materials on topics such as interviewing skills and resume preparation
  • Professional development components such as mid-term networking symposium and communities of practice small groups
  • Cultural exploration activities such as site visits and social events
  • Visa internship services and/or guidance for each student
  • Housing in shared student residences for duration of the program
  • Full time on-site support, mentoring, and 24/7 emergency assistance 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the IRU Scholars in Asia Mumbai Internship Program cost?

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Cost is approximately $5,950 AUD (confirm exact amount with the International Office on your campus). The program cost includes all the components listed above. The program cost does NOT include transportation to/from Mumbai, transportation within Mumbai, passport and related visa fees, or food and personal expenses. Students should plan and budget for unpaid internships

What is the placement process and program preparation for the IRU Scholars in Asia Mumbai Internship Program?

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The Academic Internship Council placement process is personalized based on each student's educational background and career goals. Following is a quick overview of steps in the process:

  • Complete AIC Online Questionnaire (an individualized link will be sent to you via email)
  • Schedule pre-placement Skype meeting with AIC Mumbai Director
  • Provide feedback to email summarizing general direction for placement process
  • Edit CV / resume to meet industry standards and local norms
  • Prepare for employer interview coordinated by AIC on your behalf
  • Confirm internship placement (or discuss feedback to prepare for backup interview)
  • Complete visa paperwork with guidance from AIC
  • Attend pre-arrival webinar and prepare for housing, packing, and your time as a Mumbaikar!

What People are Saying

  • "I have loved my experience in India. My favorite part of being in India was probably all the time I spent at work. I feel that especially by working in the development sector, I was able to gain a much greater insight into Indian culture, everyday life, and the problems currently facing India, than I would ever have gained from just simply being a tourist."

    AIC Participant
  • "I would recommend it to someone interested in an international career or someone who wants to see the realities of work in the development sector."

    AIC Participant
  • "My experience in India has been the best of my life thus far and I would recommend going there to anybody. India is a beautiful country with history, culture, and so many amazing people."

    AIC Participant
  • "It is highly recommended for anyone looking for an adventure no where to be found elsewhere, to venture upon a trip to Mumbai. You will definitely be satisfied and learn a lot about yourself and the lands across the world!"

    AIC Participant