Academic Component

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Learning Has Never Been This Exciting

We believe internships for international students undertaken as part of a study away or study abroad program are more than practical training: they constitute an important bridge between the world of scholarship and the world of work.

Our programs are academically directed, designed in collaboration with each university partner with an emphasis on academic relevance and value to students. Each program may include classroom or online learning that complements the work placement. Most of our academic partners grant credit to their students for successful completion of their program.

To meet the needs of our university partners, AIC can provide a range of academic services such as:

  • Developing customized courses
  • Arranging access to local or online courses
  • Securing classroom space
  • Recruiting qualified local faculty
  • Academic supervision of internships (including individual tutorials, reflective group sessions, and  marking of internship portfolios and research)
  • Professional development seminars and workshops

At AIC, we share your mission of promoting student growth and achievement. That commitment is behind each of the academic programs we develop with our partners.