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We look forward to partnering with your institution to develop an internship program that helps students achieve personal growth and competitive advantage in the global workforce.

What makes the AIC a valuable internship partner? Consider the following:

Expertise & Experience

Our management team has been designing and providing internship programs in Europe and North America since 1984. Through our work with more than 60 colleges and universities in the United States and internationally, we have developed a proven process, a robust local infrastructure, and expertise and insights that are unique in our field.


We consult with universities on a strategic level to create programs that address their administrative concerns, not just student demand for internships. We are focused on creating value at every level for our university partner—from attracting early admissions or international students to balancing semesters or meeting other operational and institutional goals.

Comprehensive Programs

AIC provides comprehensive internship programs that encompass cultural, academic, and professional development experiences, aligned with each partner’s goals. We cover all the details, enabling institutions to expand their reach and provide rich student internship opportunities, without having to add staff and resources.

Academic Value

Our internship programs are academically directed, designed in collaboration with each university partner. We work to ensure the academic relevance and value of each student’s program through classroom or online components that complement the work placement.

Quality & Accountability

AIC is committed to the highest standard of quality in everything we do. We pay careful attention to every detail to build an internship program that is consistent with each university’s philosophy and strategy while ensuring the program’s value, safety, and security for students.

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What will your students gain from their internship experience?

  • 92%

    said their AIC internship helped them gain a deeper understanding of their career goals

  • 90%

    said their AIC internship helped them gain transferable skills related to their future careers

  • 93%

    said their AIC internship would be valuable to their future career planning

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What People are Saying

  • "The University of Minnesota-AIC partnership has evolved into a hallmark program over the past five years. We collaborate to provide summer leadership coursework that includes a six-week internship in New York City and San Francisco. The internship placements have exceeded our expectations and we marvel at the AIC team’s ability to consistently find placements that meet the individual student’s needs and interests."

    June N., Ph.D., Assistant Vice Provost, The University of Minnesota
  • “My experience in NYC this past Summer was something that I believe has and will continue to have a profound effect on me and I can say without a doubt that it all wouldn't be possible without the hard work you and the rest of the AIC team put into it all! It could have easily been a situation where you just got us students into an internship and got us out, but you were there for us all the way and genuinely made sure that we took something away from those 10 weeks in the city. From the good to the bad and from the hard questions to the obvious questions I had over the course of that Summer, the AIC was always there with a sincere wish to find a solution and I thank you all for that!”  

    Demetrius, AMCONYC
  • "The things I learned from engaging my supervisor and coworkers were not - honestly, probably could not have been - learned in any classroom or book. I honestly don't think I would have gotten half as much out of my education if I had not taken the chance and gone to Boston. I have always been called "driven," but Boston allowed me to see where I was driving to. Most importantly, I left knowing what I can do - even at 20 years old - to make myself prepared when I get to do work as a licensed professional."

    Ethan H., Northeast Behavior Health