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  • What Toronto Has Taught Me
    By Claire R.
    One of the best things you can pick up from an internship is workplace experience. This can include learning how to satisfy and fulfill tasks or assignments that are significant...keep reading
  • Toronto's Tasty Treats
    By Claire R.
    Food is an attribute that can make up the fabric of a city. New York has pizza and bagels, Detroit has coney dogs, Paris has macaroons and croissants, and London...keep reading
  • Work-Life Balance
    By Claire R.
    Hello there! I bring good news! I think that this week I might have finally figured out a good work-life balance! Working a full-time job can be very exhausting, even...keep reading
  • My Spectacular Second Day
    By Claire R.
    Hello, it's me again! This past Sunday marked my first full week towards completing my field experience here in Canada. My first day in the office was on Wednesday, June...keep reading