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  • What I Have Learned
    By Jonathan F.
    "I'm not sure I'm ready to leave just yet." For anyone who has followed this blog, they'll know that these were the words I said to myself on July 26,...keep reading
  • The East Village
    By Jonathan F.
    Times Square.... that's New York, right? You know, the giant area that you see've on TV and in movies countless times? With the electronic billboards and the giant ball that...keep reading
    By Jonathan F.
    I tried to think of some kind of witty title for this entry.... but really, doesn't DUMBO just speak for itself? I had never heard of DUMBO before coming to...keep reading
  • New York, New York
    By Jonathan F.
    Hey, the New York subway is easy to get used to, right? These may read like famous last words, but using the transit system is all part of getting to...keep reading