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Claire R.

Claire R.

Food is an attribute that can make up the fabric of a city. New York has pizza and bagels, Detroit has coney dogs, Paris has macaroons and croissants, and London has tea and bangers with mash. All of these are culturally defining foods. But what does Toronto have? 

Well, Toronto has EVERYTHING! Whether I've been eating out or meal prepping my food for the work week ahead, Toronto has opened up a whole new dining experience for me.

Read more below to check out some of my favorite foods from my trip so far.

Here is one of my favorite snacks that I've had! We grabbed Belgian waffles from Wafels & More in Kensington Market. It was a super cute and super tasty treat from one of my favorite parts of the city.

A waffle I ate in Kensington Market

One of our favorite restaurants that my friends and I have visited here in Toronto is 7th West Cafe on Charles Street. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. The first time we went I got a veggie burger made from quinoa and black beans. I thought it was seriously yummy, and I'm not even vegetarian! The second time we went we came a bit earlier and were able to order from their brunch menu. I got pancakes and sausage. I think about that brunch all the time! If you're staying close to Charles Street, this place is worth visiting!


Back at my home university, I don't have access to a kitchen in my dorm, and I don't cook for myself often. I eat most of my meals in a cafeteria, which really limits what food choices are available to me. I love having a kitchen here in Innis Residence, and I have grown to love cooking for myself. One of my favorite, easy meals to make is banana and chocolate chip pancakes! I usually make these early in the week and then reheat them for breakfast before work in the mornings. Another meal I enjoy making for myself is sweet potato taco filling. It's very versatile and quick to make! It can be eaten in a tortilla with salsa and cheese for a yummy quesadilla, or with fried eggs as a hearty breakfast. Finally, my all-time favorite meal to bring for lunch at work is a combination of marinated chicken, peppers, and onions. I bring that tasty filling mix with more tortillas and the meal keeps me full until dinner time! Big ups to Innis for giving me the space to be creative with my cooking!

 While I am not vegan or vegetarian, I do have a lot of allergies! This can make eating out and finding safe, pre-packaged snacks very difficult. By far, the best snack I've come across here in Toronto are these vegan chocolate chip cookies you can get at basically any coffee shop you come across. 

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