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This past year was full of amazing times for AIC student interns from around the world. They lived, interned, and engaged in new communities, businesses, and more around the world. Take a look back at some student highlights:

Hong Kong

The internship program in Hong Kong provides a wide range of opportunities for the participants to experience Hong Kong culture in a sophisticated fusion of East and West. This past summer, students from the US and Australia had internship opportunities in a local school to serve the community. This local school is one for female students, which aims at providing inclusive education and a boarding school to a group of teenagers with developmental differences and special education needs. AIC Interns particpated in after-school English speaking activities and supported the school IT team to revamp their website. Those projects not only brought international students closer to a local community in Hong Kong, but also influence these students to understand more about western cultures and encouraged local students to speak English with confidence and ease. Through the duration of this internship program, students were offered the chance to share their life story – who they are, and to communicate with the local students, bridging different young people together to share their life stories.

San Francisco

Interning abroad ihas more perks than professional experience. It also allows personal growth and the ability to see a new part of the world. Students from Cattolica University got the chance to walk around San Francisco and see some of the local highlights and flare. From visiting the Botanic Gardens to walking up the 16th Street Tiled Steps, students were able to explore their new home. 


Berlin is the start-up capital of the world - and our students got to see it first-hand while learning how to pitch their own business ideas as a UX Testing and Pitch Night at the Startup Incubator for the University of Business and Law. Students from the University of Melboune and Swinburne University were able to explore, ask questions, and watch local start-ups try their hand at creating a successful business. This Pitch Night was located at the Axel Springer/Porsche APX Accelerator. 


Recently AIC Vice President, Kate Moore, was able to visit Mumbai and a breadth of students from different universities around the world. From attending student orientations, to visiting local host organizations, students from The University of Auckland, were able to get a feel for Mumbai early on. There were site visits, explorations around Mumbai, as well as a student-orientation and welcome to India. 


We are going to let the students speak for themselves on Barcelona:

“Working through the language barrier and learning from the differences in workplace culture is something is an opportunity I am very grateful to have and want to make the most of. These are the experiences that will help me excel in my future internships and jobs. Overall the most valuable thing I learned from this experience is to continue working though any situation that challenges you, especially when it becomes most difficult. This is the only way for you to develop a stronger character, grow as a person, and prepare yourself for the challenges you will meet in the future. “ - Leah M.

“Being able to immerse myself in the Spanish work culture has been an amazing experience. The internship has created and improved many skills that I will be using in my professional career and personal life. The differences I have experienced with cultural values in the workplace do not seem so irregular now. The similarities that both Spain and the United States share are very interesting to me after not knowing what I was getting myself into. I have learned that businesses can operate in familiar, yet different ways and still have the same success" - Thomas B.

“Internships are one of the most valuable experience for today’s college students. It allows students to take a peek into cultures in an industry, concrete a realistic expectation, and, if one is smart enough, leverage the experience to accomplish bigger achievement.” - Jim W. 


This past year students got a unique look into China's economy by diversifying the different internships they worked at. There was a range of internships offered including marketing firms, finance, a health start-up, venture capital firms, NGOs, and companies like Quanta COmputer, Zhongrong International Trust, the Nature Conservancy, and Xiyou Culture Media. 

“It was a fantastic experience that allowed me to live in a different country, gain professional experience and improve my language skills.” - Summer Global Intern


Traveling while you are abroad is an important piece of the internship program. Our students from Villanova University who are based in Singapore recently were able to visit nearby Malaysia to learn about culture, work values, and more. 


No matter where students are from, or where they intern abroad with AIC, each one has a unique and positive experience from exploring a new culture to learning and aquiring new skills from their trusted host organization and employer. To learn more about the cities above, and academic internships available in each, click here

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