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This summer, more than 1,000 CIEE & AIC Global Interns embarked on a life-changing experience in more than 18 cities around the world. From enjoying the aerial city views in Singapore to chasing snow-capped mountains in Chile, our Global Interns have seen and done it all. Take a look back at some of our favorite memroies captured by students, employers, and advisors from all around the world. 


Boston Global Interns enjoyed the quintessential parts of a summer in Boston - boats, busking on the Boston Common, beaches and more. Check out some images from Emerson N., student at Nanyang Tachnological University in Singapore. Several other AIC Boston Global Interns attended regional conferences, worked in labs, represented their companies at Boston festivals, attended networking events, and more!  Two Global Interns also contributed to the final application of a patent related to flexible sensors. One student even travelled to LA with the Co-Founder of a company to help install sensors in a moveable furniture project that has a contract with IKEA! 


AIC Global Intern and University of California, Los Angeles (EAP) student, Liz K., was featured as a guest author to the popular Berlin website, IheartBerlin. You can read her feature here which includes a guide to Bergmannkiez in Kreuzberg, where she spent much of her summer exploring, working, and connecting with the German locals. 


AIC Global Intern and Social Media Ambassador Brittni K., from the University of Cincinnati showed us what it meant to live through two seasons in one trip - from snow to sun, mountains to beaches, she experienced it all. And improved her Spanish! She is an interior design major and has had other internship experience, but it was in Santiago where she got the opportunity to put her knowledge into practice and receive important tasks such as design several layouts for an entire office floor. All of her designs were presented to clients and utlized in day-day business practice. She felt incredible and her Internship Host, Winteri, were extremely pleased with her work and looking forward to receiving more AIC Global Interns in the coming seasons. 


When in Singapore, go Dragon Boat racing. The advice many summer AIC Global Interns have given to those who follow in their footsteps. On July 6, the AIC Singapore Intern group held a teambuilding event in Singapore where they were able to race Dragon Boats. AIC Singapore Global Interns were able to break into teams and learn new techniques, skills and get a first-hand experience at one of the most popular activities in the city. Check out some highlights from their trip: 


Our employers are a criticl part of the AIC Internship Program. Without the perfect employer match, a student wouldn't be as successful. Hear from Kristina Flynne, CEO & Co-founder of jiiWA, Toronto, Canada: 

"I stumbled upon AIC for the Summer semester process and I feel so fortunate to have found the program. We secured an amazing student that was professional, dedicated and an immediate contributor to our small startup and every single step of the process was simple and efficient. Communication and guidance by Program Management were frequent and consistent - to say we felt supported every step of the way is an understatement. I look forward to hosting additional rockstar students in the future and have told everyone I can about AIC. If you're looking for effective team members, there is no need to look any further."

And our students are just as happy in Toronto being offered full-time positions upon graduation. Just take it from Courtney R., from Colorado State University. She was an Intern, and now holds a full-time position at Able Innovations. 

"For me, my time as an AIC intern was the chance to test drive my future. I had been eyeing the city of Toronto for a while, wanting to move there. This internship gave me the opportunity to see what it was truly like to live and work in the city. I was also able to balance and enjoy a social life by living with my fellow AIC interns. At the end of my time there, my employer offered me a position, and I accepted. This AIC work experience jump-started my career, and I’m headed back to Toronto!"

Want to share you story or feedback with the AIC Team? We would love to hear from you! 

As the custom internship division of CIEE, the Academic Internship Council (AIC) is dedicated to partnering with colleges and universities to provide high-quality student internships abroad that add value to their academic programs. We believe student growth is best served through well-rounded internships that combine cultural, academic, and professional development experiences based on each student’s aspirations, skills, and experience. We believe the best way to deliver these experiences is through close, collaborative partnerships with the universities and colleges we serve. And we believe expert, local support throughout the internship is crucial to each student’s success while working abroad.

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