24 Hours in San Francisco: A Global Intern's Guide to California

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When you are a Global Intern in San Francisco, the possibilities are endless.  From fresh sea breezes, historic National Parks, Bayside public markets and snacks, to fresh seafood galore, there is so much to see - and eat. We have put together an itinerary for 24 hours in San Francisco, as well as some other not-to-miss attractions around the city and surrounding areas. We are curious what your favorites will be from San Francisco! Now it's time to get out there and explore...

10:00 AM 

San Francisco is home to a vibrant art scene. Venture over to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and check out the unique shape of the building, as well as hundreds of famous ever-changing exhibits. 

Pro tip: To get the most from this experience, grab an audio guide when you get to the museum. You can buy advance tickets and learn more about the museum online. Don't forget to see if they have a student discount for you! 

12:00 PM

Walking around the museum, you are bound to work up an appetite. And what better place to put those hunger pains to rest, than Pier 39 on the waterfront. With endless food options, we always opt for Asian-themed food, as SF is home to some of the most authentic cuisine in the US. Enjoy the relaxing sounds of seals sleeping near you, and fellow diners soaking in the sun - but be careful, the seaguls are relentless and will take your food if you let them! Check out a variety of dining options here

3:00 PM

Do not pass go, do not collect $200. You are going to...Alcatraz Island! Now that you have gotten some tasty nibbles at the waterfront, it's time to learn about Alcatraz Island and the functional prison that was once one of the most erie in the United States. An audio guide on this one is an absolute must. National Park Alcatraz Island was also the site of the first lighthouse on the West Coast when built. Learn all this and more when you hop on the ferry to zoom across the harbor. Buy tickets here

6:00 PM

Last but not least, Golden Gate Park. This magnificent green space with zero fenced off areas, allows you to enjoy the sunshine and good vibes of San Francisco while feeling like you have escaped the city. With views of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, Pack a picnic and let the sun go down as you enjoy Golden Hour in the Bay.

San Francisco has so much to offer a Global Intern - luckily you will be there for more than one day. Some of the United States' most unique history is in San Francisco from the cells on Alcatraz Island to the street cars that will take you up some of the steepest hills in the country. Looking for more suggestions in San Francisco? We trust The Lonely Planet's Guide to San Francisco!

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