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  • the Chilean Diet
    By Brittni K.
    ¡qué rico! As Americans, we already see food in the name itself. Chili - yes please! To some surprise, the cuisine has actually reminded much of plates in the states,...keep reading
  • Work-Life Balance
    By Claire R.
    Hello there! I bring good news! I think that this week I might have finally figured out a good work-life balance! Working a full-time job can be very exhausting, even...keep reading
  • Internship 101
    By Joycelyn Y.
    In a blink of an eye, I have spent two weeks in Singapore. I am quite familiar with the subway lines, the words Singaporeans use to order their coffee (kopi-o...keep reading
  • A Day in the Life...
    By Brittni K.
    " have to work everyday?" no, **I get to work everyday Rise and shine begins and the office life starts at nine. Living in such a large city (almost 7...keep reading
  • My Spectacular Second Day
    By Claire R.
    Hello, it's me again! This past Sunday marked my first full week towards completing my field experience here in Canada. My first day in the office was on Wednesday, June...keep reading