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    By John G.
    Covid pandemic might stop you from traveling around the world, BUT living in Seoul does not stop you from tasting food from different countries and cultures! In a nutshell, you...keep reading
  • Quarantine Journey In KOREA
    By John G.
    During this unprecedented, difficult time, I feel more than lucky to study abroad in Korea, a country where the covid-19 pandemic is well controlled and contract tracing is mass deployed...keep reading
  • More Korean than Koreans ^^
    By John G.
    Wearing Hanbok is one of the most important things on my bucket list. I have always been dreaming about wearing a Hanbok and walking in the traditional Korean palace. YECCO...keep reading
  • I Skipped Class to Explore Korea
    By Alex S.
    You probably shouldn't skip your classes... Well... unless... So at Yonsei University, class attendance is a huge component of your grade, unlike American universities. So - you should probably go...keep reading

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