Apply to be a Camp Counselor

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Click on your country below for your local agent’s contact information and website. Your agent can answer any questions you have and provide an application and instructions for applying to CIEE’s camp counselor program.

Alexandria Joven
(0351) 426-5225

+(5411) 4773-7327

+61 1300 797 702

USE Study Group 
+994 12 597 0121
+994 70 227 0121

KILROY Belgium
466 900 222

STB - Student Travel Bureau
+55 (11) 30381551

Usit Colours 
+ 359 883 489 802
+ 359 883 489 803

(+56) 2 2378 7083

Sunnysky Intl Cultural Exchange 
+86 02989241592

Servicio Educativo Internacional
+57 (1) 2745798

+506 2290 3141

Student Agency Czech Republic
+1800 100 300

KILROY Denmark
70 15 40 15


KILROY Finland
09 680 78 200


Au Pair Hungary

KILROY Iceland
517 7010

Flyer Zone Placement Services
+1 (876) 9788098

Global Insight 
+1 (876) 9788098

Juanimo Keliones
++370 604 13 172

Lithuanian World Center for Work Experience and Studies Abroad
+370 37 223355

Owl Win IE
+7(705) 982 4204

Infinity Abroad

ICE International Cultural Exchange
+52 1 332 254-1868

Lasta Group

+64 9 366 6255

026 33

UTP- Unite the People
+632 845-3545

United Towers Philippines Inc. 
+63 (2) 5842869


Business Travel Club
+48 726 020 050

The Best Way
+48 61 622 95 51

GTS International Romania

Global Vision
+7 812 970 06 25

Work & Travel Group

Student Agency Slovakia
420 5 42 42 42 42

Awesome Travel
+27 (0)11 966 7701

+27 21 301 0127

+27 031 5847251


0771-545 769

CIEE Taiwan

Overseas Education Group 

Activity International
+ 31 (0)53-483 10 41

KILROY Netherlands
20 5245100

353 01 602 1808

44 33 399 97516

IST Plus
44 (20) 7788 7877

38 (044) 239-1919

Global Friends
+99893 5626101

Ensure Your Application is Comprehensive

Tips for Applying

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Now that you have decided to apply to CIEE Camp Exchange USA, make your application as strong as possible!

There are a wide range of personalities, experience levels, and skills that can make an applicant a great candidate for the program. But there are ways to make your application stand out from the crowd. The best applications demonstrate your past experience, unique skills, and passion for learning about the U.S. in great detail.

Here are just a few tips for ensuring your application is comprehensive and compelling:

Demonstrate your flexibility – whether it’s your dates of availability, the types of camps you’re open to working with, or the activities you’re willing to teach, the more flexible you are, the higher the chance you will be placed with a camp.

Highlight your experience with kids – whether it’s from babysitting, teaching swimming lessons, or something else, tell us how you have worked with kids in the past and why you want to work with them this summer at camp. Don’t forget to mention what ages you have worked with, in what capacity you worked, and how long/often you worked with them.

List unique skills – camps are always looking for counselors with specialized skills like archery, sailing, or horseback riding. When writing about your skills, be sure to include current qualifications and/or certifications, how long you have been involved in the skill, if you have taught the skill to others (even if it wasn’t to kids), and what specific aspects of the skill you can teach. And remember, you don’t have to be an expert to teach some activities and skills to kids.

Explain why you’d make a great counselor – maybe working with kids is your life’s goal or you love discovering new cultures. Whatever the reason, tell us why you want to be a camp counselor and what you will bring to the camp experience.

Be as detailed as possible – camps want to know as much about you, your experience, and your skills as possible so be sure to use up every character available. Plus, the more you tell us, the better picture we’ll have of you, your interests, and your experience—and that means it will be easier for us to find the right camp to place you in.

Be mindful of the quality of your writing – watch out for spelling, grammar, and the overall standard of your written English. We have to decide if you’re right for CIEE Camp Exchange USA based on the information you provide, so be sure your application reads like you have dedicated your full time and attention to it.

Add photos and/or videos – a smiling, happy headshot with a few carefully selected (and appropriate) photographs of you participating in the activities you have written about and/or images of you working with kids can make your application stand out. Making a short (1-2 minute) video about yourself can go even further! Introduce yourself, show off your personality and demonstrate all the aspects of your written application on film. Remember, we want to clearly know it’s you in the photos or video, so don’t include images with lots of people in them.

If you follow these guidelines, you will be on your way to submitting an outstanding application and one step closer to the camp experience!