CIEE Camp Exchange USA

Connecting Camps and International Counselors for Valuable Cultural Exchange

We partner with American summer camps to provide a unique, transformative cultural exchange experience for campers and counselors alike. Through a simple, seamless recruiting process, we match your camp with high-quality international participants to serve as camp counselors. Not only do you get access to counselors with the specific skills and experience you’re looking for, you also add diversity and an international perspective to camp life.

We work hard to understand your camp’s unique staffing needs based on your mission, goals, campers, and preferences. We’ll supply you with the best counselors for your hard-to-fill positions, from activity specialists with advanced skills to cabin counselors with extensive experience working with kids.

CIEE Camp Exchange USA Services:

  • Seamless recruitment- we recruit the highest quality international participants that have the skills and experience your camp needs.
  • Informed selection- we select only the most appropriate candidates for you to review and hire following a rigorous screening process.
  • Full visa sponsorship- we sponsor all of our participants’ visas and help each with the entire visa application process including completing paperwork and scheduling interviews.
  • Complete participant preparation- we prepare our participants for their roles as experiential educators, role models, and leaders through orientations in their home countries, in-depth self assessments, and full staff training.
  • Comprehensive participant support- we provide participants with complete support, from comprehensive travel insurance to an arrival Meet & Greet in the U.S. to 24-hour in-country support

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