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Interested In Gaining Real-World Experience Working With Kids?

Be a Camp Counselor

  • Be an educator, mentor, and leader to a group of kids for up to nine weeks
  • Develop important skills
  • Gain critical work experience in the education field

As a camp counselor, you will be placed in one of two roles:

  • Cabin Counselor—whether you are helping campers write an email home to their parents or checking in to see how bunkmates are getting along, you will be the children’s activity master, supervisor, cheerleader, and source of guidance throughout the program.
  • Activity Specialist—you will guide campers through a specific activity each day. Depending on the camp, activities range from ceramics to music lessons to waterskiing to specialties such as dance or skateboarding.

No matter which role you choose, you will be an ambassador for your country, discover America through one of its most unique traditions, and develop skills like critical thinking and leadership that will serve you throughout life.

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Is working behind the scenes to make sure the camp runs smoothly more your speed? 

Join the Camp Support Staff

Work in the camp kitchen or on camp grounds:

  • Live and work with fellow staff at camp
  • Share your culture with fellow staff and campers while learning about American culture

If a camp has offered you a Support Staff position, email us at to apply.